Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall color check at the cabin

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago at our log cabin and you can see the leaves are just starting to turn. I can't wait to check Autumn's progress this weekend!

Plus after looking at textbooks, taking quizzes and performing numerous experiments in lab class - I am ready just to look at the lake and my birds! Some of you asked me about school. I have returned to college to obtain an Applied Science degree.

Let me tell you, school has changed so much since I was there so many years ago (don't ask how long - it makes me feel old! Ha!) I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot of students "my age" that have returned to school, most of it in the health field. I'm sure many as a result of our challenging economy. Michigan is powered by the automotive industry and I'm sure you all know how that's going. Anyways, don't worry, I'm still selling log homes. And I'm waiting for your phone call....:-) So is Scout...


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh---love that RED tree, Shell. Red is my favorite Fall color--although I like them all!!!! Great photo--but I can't wait to see what it looks like up there now.

Scout is really growing.

Glad school is going well for you.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

We are starting to get little bits of fall color here in NC too. The dogwood leaves are turning red.

I am so excited for you returning to school. I know you will do wonderful.

Darla said...

Oh how I wish I could phone you about a cabin. Scout is a beautiful dog. I was wondering about the fall color scheme for decorating inside of your cabin. As far as school goes.......don't be pulled in by the peer pressure.LOL

George said...

I hope you can forget about the textbooks, quizzes and experiments long enough to enjoy your weekend at the cabin. I imagine that you'll see much more color this time.

Anonymous said...

The photo is beautiful! The leaves are just starting to turn in our area. Best of luck in school. How wonderful. Your going to be a nurse?.....

Rose said...

Simply beautiful; both photos of course!

Lauren said...

That looks like a slice of heaven! What a wonderful spot. And my oh my, Scout is precious! Found my way to you from Just a little something for you...I'm realizing that Judy has the nicest circle of blog friends! Look forward to reading more.

Judy said...

Scout is so darn cute! I love it when you post a pic of him. I love fall and I'm anxious to see all your beautiful leaves.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

That's about what it looked like when we were at our cabin over labor day. Leaves are just starting to turn here at my house too.

Calming Scents said...

Very pretty and around here its quite the same.

Congrats to you on returning to school. Now you have to share what you hope to do once the degree is earned!

I've thought of returning to school many many times. I would have liked to been a therapist. What you have to go thru is way to many years for me to invest at 50.

Soo, I'm doing my second dream of learning a skill and working from home.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it when I returned to school in 2002 for my paralegal training. It was fun and I would do it again in a flash...loved how easy computers make everything!

Hi Scout!

Carol said...

Beautiful leaves! I noticed yesterday that our neighbor's tree is starting to show small traces of color, exciting!


grammy said...

Love that red...wow...We mostly have yellow in the mountains. Every now and then red and it tickles me so much.
Scout is still adorable.
You are so brave with school. I never have liked to study, so I do not intend to go back as Grandma (o:
Wish I could have a log home here in the Rockies....so expensive. Property alone.

Anonymous said...

I see I rubbed off on you. :D Isn't school fun! Minus all the hours studying.lol If you are up for it, I am free this weekend.
PS Scout is soooooo CUTE!

Karen said...

Shelly - I must admit. You have the third most B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L dog in the entire world.
SOrry - gotta show my loyalty to Harley and Jorja. But my goodness, Scout is just so flippin' cute!
Please take more pictures of the lake for me. I live my winters through my bloggin' friends. Now on tonight's news, they upped the temps here by a few more degrees over the next week. Now it's going to be 103!!!!!
sigh. I know you said you were on your way over for tea, but . . . I think I'm on the next plane to your house instead.
HEY! That reminds me! I am going to Clifford Michigan in Nov. Anywhere close to you?
Study hard! Good girl for hitting the books again and taking the big leap of going back to school.
I would be AFRAID! I cannot even imagine!

Sharon said...

Good girl, back in school. Scout is growing up so fast. What a beauty. I bet the colors will be fantastic. Sharon and the TED

John Poole said...

Beautiful photo, Shelley! Send some of that fall coloration out my way. Hope classes are going well, and Scout is as cute as ever! ~John

Cedar ... said...

Shelley, you will find that as an adult student you will do even better than when you were of "college age". I returned and many years after my first college graduation I went back for an Associate's Degree in Business Administration. I'd been one of those women in the 1950s who planned on marriage right out of highschool so I only had a one year business college certificate going into my marriage. I really enjoyed college as a mother of teenagers!

Rural Rambler said...

Shelley you ARE getting back to blogging and with a beautiful fall picture and the Scout Girl!

I found you at my blog a couple of times last night and didn't know you had been there. Thanks for visiting. It motivated me to put on an alert for comments to my blog, I hated missing them.

An Applied Science Degree-Yowza.

Looking forward to your pictures over the weekend!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hello Shelley,
Beautiful pictures of trees and Scout! Take more pics of both to see how they have changed since the
n, our trees too are changing here in Pa.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I've tried several times to refresh my computer so I could see the pictures but after several attempts I gave up. I love fall and watching the trees change. It was definately my favorite time of year when I lived in Maine.

I agree about school changing so much. Some of the things the kids do that we would never dream of doing in class. Last night my psychology teacher got angry because 6 out of the 10 students kept pulling out their cell phones while he was lecturing. It amazes me how they are told to keep them off but they don't listen. Boy... I must be getting old. lol

Give Scout a hug for me.


Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh my goodness, you have certainly not lost your photography skills. These pictures are gorgeous!!! I am sure Scout is one of the most photographed dogs in blogland. Does she realize how beautiful she is? The first picture took my breath away. Thank you!

I can't tell you how thrilled I would be to give you a phone call about a log cabin. It won't be today.

Madison said...

Yeah I love the Red tree too! I can't wait till Fall!!!! My mom has decorations up now and I got a mini pumpkin! Have a great Fall!

Love, Madison

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Ooooh! You just go me all excited for Fall! I can't wait! Scout's sooo cute still! Most dogs lose their cute factor as they grow, but I'm pretty sure that won't be the case with Scout! :)

Love, Joy =D

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am calling scout...for a PLAY DATE!!!
Good luck with school. I hope Greg is packing you a nice lunch each day.

Jen said...

Good luck to you with school Shelley--guess it's time for a change for you as well.
Scout is changing too--she's a beauty. OX Jen

Jane In The Jungle said...

She's sooo cute! I too am enoying the cahnges, can't see what you have in store for you at the cabin.
Thanks for the school update!

Constance said...

We don't get a beautiful assortment of colors in the Fall down here. Brown is about it! UGH!

We are heading to the log home show next weekend and we're looking forward to it. We went to the last one only to find that they had canceled at the last minute. I am hoping that there will also be other vendors there b/c we are wanting to buy peeled log bedroom furniture. I already picked up our new bedding but can't use it yet!

reliv4life said...

gosh that is pretty! my degree is in applied science - I was a hygienist - what are you planning on doing?

enjoy your weekend!

rosemarie said...

you are getting more color then we have ..i was in ILL a few weeks ago near the border of iowa,they had some nice colors ,im sure they will start around here soon..i didnt know you were selling your cabin,it looks so great.i always wanted one ,but maybe when i get to retire..lol ,scout is adorable ,glad to see him again..enjoy the colors

Knatolee said...

Good luck in school!

I love both photos but Scout is the cutest. :)

Susan S. said...

Great pictures....thanks for sharing YOUR Fall, since we probably won't get leaves falling around here (in Houston) until Thanksgiving.
Scout is PRECIOUS!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Beautiful fall photo, Shelley!

Scout is SO cute...what a photogenic dog!


Sandy said...

OMG he is so cute..