Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

I think everyone in bloggyland knows how disappointed I was that we weren't able to make it to the log cabin this weekend. Well I'm done complaining! I did a little "retail therapy" and headed over to one of my favorite bargain stores (Garden Ridge) to pick up some home items for the log cabin! (P.S. While I do love that store, I am confused why they never have enough people at the cash register but 20 people out on the floor socializing. Hello people?!)

Isn't this an adorable little bird feeder? I will set it on the deck railing and fill it with some treats!

Aren't these metal stars great? I've decided on a more rustic - hint of cowboy theme for the loft. I bought 2 large bronze metal stars to hang on the wall.

Well now that I have the metal star wall hangings, I had to have this star lamp on the right! (Usually I'm not so matchy.) This lamp was only $10!! Yes, you heard me right, $10!!

Doesn't an Adirondack rocker sound great for the deck? Rocking back and forth with a daiquiri in my hand and looking out at the lake....
I didn't buy any yet cuz they're not on sale. But soon they will be and I'll snap up two of these!

Well thanks for joining my retail therapy session! Be sure to check back on Tuesday for details of my GIVEAWAY! I appreciate all of you who visit (even the lurkers who don't leave comments! ha, ha!)


Dawnie said...

i love all your goodies. those chairs are something I've loved for along time also. I am bout ready to scout the stores to check out the new items for spring..i love adding new furniture for the deck or front porch in summer.

I cant wait for your giveaway! I'm excited...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I like Garden Ridge--but the check-out lanes sound just like our Walmart. I LOVE Walmart (well, most of the time)--but they never have enough lanes opened.. Drives me nuts!!!!

Shopping is a great cure for missing the log cabin.. You did great!!!! Love that little bird feeder. AND--the cowboy them sounds great!!!


George said...

I'm glad your retail therapy was such a great success.

The White Bench said...

Oh, Shelley! All is beautiful, but the metal stars and the Adirondack chairs are my very favorite!
Glad you had a nice w.e.

reliv4life said...

great things you found! can't wait to see them at the cabin!

Cedar ... said...

Nice catch on the items on sale. Rocking and sipping and looking at the lake would be high on my list for the summer, too. Which colors are you going to buy?

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up! I have my eye on some adirondacks, but an adirondack rocker is even better. Love the lamp too :)

Kath said...

Hi Shelley!
Now that's my kinda therapy! ;)
Love your little feeder, I'm sure your feathered friends will enjoy it too!
Are ya gonna take pics of where ya put our stars? Love that lamp, what a great price!!

Lookin forward to your giveaway!

Have a wonderful day.

April said...

I love Garden Ridge, but it's been awhile since I've been there. After seeing all of your incredible finds, I think I'm going to have to go back...SOON!

Just a little something from Judy said...

The only thing better than an Adirondack chair, is one that rocks. I never saw that! To me, that seems like a "must have" for your cabin. The other purchases will look great too. Please show us the completed loft look someday.

Jen said...

Sounds good to me. I like the stars...I always get something with a star when I visit my sister in Texas.

Dawn said...

ooo... i'll take the bird feeder and two chairs please!! once they go on sale, of course!!! funny how shopping (even window shopping) can cure just about anything :) hope you can make that trip soon!

Karen said...

Good girl! There is nothing like finding a good bargain to appease us.
Hey, stop by my Sunday the 22nd post and find something there for you to pick up!
HAGD! Karen

Christy said...

Adirondac Rockers - I've not seen these before. Those are cool and now that I've seen them, I want one. I've wanted a rocker for outside and have always thought about getting one of the ones from Cracker Barrel but not anymore.

So what color are you going to get? I liked that green but have always been akin to traditional white when it comes to the Adirondac style furniture.

City Mouse said...

Awesome stuff! I love the bird feeder! Of course, I also adore the Adirondack rockers. Good lookin' out for the sale items!

Connie said...

I love your kind of therapy! i love adirondack chairs too and I think they will be a great addition to the porch. The bird feeder is way too cute too. Connie

UPON A HILL said...

I jsut found you, a log cabin dweller! I love stars & log cabins. I will be visiting!

Rick and Dianne said...

I adore the bird feeder! What's it made of? Looks like ceramic from the pic.I would hesitate to actually use one so wonderful. I'd fear the squirrels would knock it over or otherwise destroy it. One that beautiful would be saved for inside the house!

Before we moved I had a birdhouse collection that I would use as decorations in my flower beds. But, I'd bring them in over the winter. I also had the ones I wanted the birds to use, those stayed out year round on the trees, doing what they were meant to do...become the springtime home for the nests.

Anonymous said...

You got some lovely treasures for your home. Very nice :>) I hope you are having a great day!

Shellmo said...

Dawnie - I've always wanted adirondack style chairs! I think 2 rockers will be great for the deck!

Betsy - you're right - shopping was the cure! Now I just can't wait to get these new items to the cabin - lol!

George - Thank you! Shopping = happy Shelley. ha,ha!

Monica - glad you liked the metal stars - I think they'll look fab in my loft - we'll see!

Michele - now I've got to get some new shiny nails and picture hangers for Greg! LOL!

Cedar - I'm so indecisive on the color chairs. I already have a green patio set so I could get the green adirondacks. But then again - something about either the yellow or red appeals to me too!

Cam - I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy these chairs at xmas when they were marked 40% off! So hopefully they go on sale again within the next 2 months.

Kath - I'll definitely take photos once I hang the stars! Please come back for the giveaway! :)

April - one good thing about garden ridge is eventually every item goes on sale!

Judy - I never even knew they had the rockers till I saw them here at this store! I still have so many things to get for the loft....

Jen - I've been looking at these stars for the past 2 months and finally something triggered in me to buy them! (Maybe I always wanted to be a cowgirl! ha,ha!)

Dawn - you should've seen the smile on my face as I went walking out of that store! ha,ha!

Hi Karen, I'll be right over! Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the giveaway!

Christy - I really liked that green too - thought it would look good against my log cabin!

City Mouse - my motto is - if I don't have a coupon or if it's not on sale - then I'm not buying! LOL!

Ginger said...

Hi Shelley:
We don't have those stores here. Great price on the lamp.
The bird feeder is cute!!! I'm glad you were able to get some retail therapy in, gotta do your part on keeping the economy going. lol.
I like the chairs too.

Lady of the Mote said...

those rockers are great!

John Poole said...

Hi Shelley,

I really like the items you picked up, especially the lamp. It seems like that retail therapy achieved its objectives!

By the way, I also realize now that when I went "antiquing" last Friday, it was similarly a form of retail therapy...only it was to assuage a guilty conscience brought on by an extreme case of "work avoidance!"

And the Adirondack chairs look great, too. Definitely get a pair! I vote for a nice natural wood finish, oil or wax.

Take care,

grammy said...

Love the birdies and the chairs. Hmmmm, wonder what color you would choose?

Cassie said...

Shelley, Glad you got lifted out of your dulldrums. What do you suppose a good price for the chairs would be? I've seen such a huge range in price myself. Just curious.

MindyLew said...

Bargain shopping is always a great past time!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the items in the log cabin.

country gal said...

Love, love, love, LOVE it all!!! I can't wait until you get the rocking chair. It's so cute and log-cabinish!!! lol!

Love, Joy =D

This Country Girl said...

Well I think that should have made you feel a bit better, Shelley! I love your those chairs too!

Your Garden Ridge also sounds like our Walmart! Except I can't figure out why there are SO MANY check out lanes when they only use about 8 of them!


Cynthia said...

I want one of those chairs! I know I spelled Mackinac Island wrong on my blog however Mackinaw is easier to pronounce. Sorry about that! I love Michigan and especially the UP. Cindy

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

I love the adirondack rockers in all of those lovely colors!

Sandy said...

OHHHHHHH I want that bird feeder!~~

Can't wait to see birds on it feeding...cause I'm hoping...nah, you will take photos right?