Sunday, November 25, 2007

Log Delivery

The logs were delivered on November 9th. It was very exciting to see the semi coming down the road to our property with the logs all stacked. Felt like I was back in the lumber era of the late 1800s! Once the semi arrived, our general contractor went through the list with the truck driver to make sure all of our items arrived (logs, caulking, nails, etc.) All the logs were numbered and stacked accordingly.This is important as it ensures a smoother building process and making sure the right log gets in the right place. Our builder organized the piles once they were unloaded. The log piles then needed to be set off the ground (you don't want your logs rolling around in the mud in case it snows or rains.) The shrink wrap should be removed from the logs and the builder will tarp the piles until they are ready to use them. Prior to odering your logs, ask your log company if they are protected (shrink wrapped or tarped) for the delivery. Otherwise, even if the logs are kiln dried, if they are exposed to the elements on the way to your site, they can end up absorbing moisture. Additionally, you need your logs as dry as possible for the staining once the home is complete.
When they begin building and start stacking the logs - it's almost like your childhood lincoln log set on how they fit right on top of each other. The 1st row gets screwed in, then they lay the foam strip tape down, lay the next log, and then screw the log together.

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