Friday, February 29, 2008

Lighting Up The Cabin

I didn't realize how expensive the lighting would be to decorate the cabin. With a log cabin, you can't just get ordinary lighting. I felt I needed a selection of wood, animal theme, rustic metals and antler type lighting to obtain the woodsy feel. My builder was rightfully pushing me to get the rest of my lights this week so the elusive electrician would appear and finish the job. (I didn't have enough lights there previously to create a sense of urgency.) I ended up buying lights from four different sources -Lowes, Home Depot, a local Gaylord store and Black Forest Decor (online store). Interestingly enough, the Lowes & Home Depot in Northern Michigan carried a good selection of rustic lighting, things I have never seen downstate. I purchased the moose light pictured here from Lowes to hang over the stairway. I also purchased a moose vanity light for the bathroom for only $79. (I do have a thing for moose!) This was a great deal compared to the other vanity lights I saw online between $300 - $600. At Black Forest Decor, our antler chandelier was on sale for $294. But I did make a mistake in not ordering enough chain to hang it from our high ceiling so I put in another order today.


Jessica said...

I am just now getting over to check out your log cabin blog. I am impressed!! How beautiful!! And what a dream come true. I am envious. Thanks for sharing and I'll be following along.


നിഗൂഢഭൂമി said...

it is quite different to us,indians.
anyway beautiful

Cabinhaus said...

I like your light. I'm looking for a light for my foyer that we are redoing. I too found some very expensive ones. I thought your moose light was very inexpensive, guess I'll have to check out Lowe's.

Jen said...

Lighting is difficult in a log home. The wood absorbs it all or something. I am still looking for something that adds a lot of light for our stairway. Help!