Saturday, March 29, 2008

Log Cabin Inspection

The city inspector came out and inspected our log cabin. The builder has a few things to do such as caulking, tightening a deck post and other small things. Also, take special note if you build on a sloping lot - we had some water in the basement. Since the ground wasn't graded before winter hit, water was able to come in once the snow started melting. The crew has been chipping away at the grade. Once the ground is not frozen, it will be graded completely. The inspector is coming back on Monday so I'm hoping we are all set for our certificate of occupancy. I found a great crimson red couch that I'm anxious to move in next weekend.


Montana Tom said...


Hi, I'm pleased that you found me and that you liked my article, 'What's So Special About Log Homes?' I completely agree with your "obsession" with log homes and I LOVE what you are doing with your new home... it looks beautiful.  You talk about obsession, I was so infatuated with log and timber frame buildings that I actually launched a Log Home Directory a few years ago to help people connect with the industry.  Today it is a place where you can find virtually every dealer, builder and manufacturer of log homes and a mess of log home information and tips.  (Sorry for the shameless self promotion, but your guests may enjoy visiting our log home site)

I have bookmarked your wonderful blog and will follow your progress... good luck with getting that occupancy permit, I know you're anxious to move forward.  Oh and BTW, Hiawatha is a great company, congratulations on a good choice.  Do you think you will become a dealer for them?

Shellmo said...

Hi Montana Tom,
Thanks for the reminder of Log Home directory - I do visit that site and think it's great and full of good info! I've added it to my 'log cabin links'. And yes - Hiawatha is great - it would be fantastic to be a log home dealer and meet w/ people who share my passion.

reliv4life said...

Hope it all straightens out and the inspection goes well! It is getting to be a reality when you have the sofa picked out!! YEA!!!

Jessica said...

That's a milestone... to almost have the occupancy permit! Congratulations. said...

Greetings Shelly,

Best wishes for a smooth move into your beautiful log cabin home. We're enjoying following along with your progress and experiences. Congrats on occupancy permit day!

Michaeleen and Todd Carter
Marquette, Michigan

reliv4life said...

WELL??? Did it happen???? Are we moving in that red couch yet???

Annaimports said...
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