Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cooking in Pioneer Times

If we were back in pioneer times, I would be making dinner in a kettle hanging from trammels over a fire. My cabin would have been one room and all the furniture handmade. Our meal would most likely be blackberries, fish, deer and other wild game. Fast forward to today, and I need to purchase a gas stove this week from Lowes. Somehow the stove seems to take away from my vision of having a cozy cabin in the woods that reconnects me to nature and simpler times. So on my list of projects to get close to recreating that feeling is canning my own fresh picked berries this summer and picking up some pioneer - log cabin type cookbooks. Here's one cookbook I found called Log Cabin Lewis & Clark Cookbook. Here's the link:
Also, if anyone has some cookbook suggestions that would be perfect for a "log cabin meal" - please send them my way. Thanks!!


Sandy said...

Wow, that wood is beautiful.

nice blog!


Shellmo said...

Thank you Sandy - it was the wood that drew me in! Shell

Jennifer Robin said...

The Northern Exposure Cookbook,
Log Cabin Cooking,
North Country Cabin Cooking

Shellmo said...

Thanks Jennifer - I'm heading over to Amazon!

Chris Wheeler said...

Nice cabin....when are you moving in?
Byt the way how did you find my blog? I'm new at blogs so I was surprised to get your comment .
Thanks and loved your blog !

Shellmo said...

Hi Chris and welcome! I found your blog by doing a search for log cabins in blog search - I love to find other log cabin blogs and info. This will be our 2nd home but hope to live there soon someday! Shell

Gwen Buchanan said...

You are surely right about the pioneer days. I worked at an historical settlement restoration... The lady of the house cooked our meals over the fireplace and nothing has ever tasted so good to this very day. i was the village weaver /spinner.. what a treat it was to be a part of that!

You home is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a cute kitchen! I love it!

The food that always gets me in the pioneer mood is cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet, just like Ma Ingalls did it. Add some navy beans...mmmm-mmm. Down home cooking. ;)

Shellmo said...

Gwen - thank you for coming by - and what a neat job you had!!

Greenhouse - i love cornbread too!

Jen said...

My hubby is a Lewis and Clark fan. I will have to get that cook book for HIM!
Yep, love the black appliances! Goes great with your hinges and knobs!