Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cabin Tip - Don't forget the propane

A few weekends ago, I was the perfect example of what people up north call people downstate in Michigan - a fudgie, trunk slammer, flat lander or troll. Fudgie has always been my personal favorite since the northern people laugh on how we "fudgies" like to buy fudge when we visit. But fudgie can also describe one of our "up north" mistakes. Last weekend we arrived at the cabin, the heat wasn't working. After several minutes of playing with the thermostat and inspecting the furnace, we called the heater guy. "Did you check the propane tank?" he asked in his all knowing northern michigan way. I as the fudgie said "no but thank you. I will call the propane people." I run out to inspect the tank gage - and it was empty. The propane people were understanding - they get these weekend calls all the time from us fudgies who forget to inspect the tank. It was an expensive mistake as we got charged an emergency fee to fill - but I was just glad they showed up. Cabin tip of the day - don't forget to monitor your propane tank on at least a bi-monthly basis.


Brandi said...

Brrr! Glad they make emergency trips.

Jackie said...

LOL, we have been there!

Jen said...

Oh dear!
Well, I told you I am reading this blog backwards, so you already know how I feel about these tanks. :)