Thursday, April 10, 2008

My guest bedroom is better

Last weekend when we were at the log cabin, I realized my guest bedroom is better than my master bedroom. How so you ask? Well for one thing, look at all the sunlight that pours into this room! This is what morning is like in the guest bedroom. Not so much in my room. Second thing - the view is better at the guest room's smaller window. You see the undeveloped wooded lot with large maple and pine trees. In my room, my small window has a direct view of the propane tank. Also - I think the birch tree I can see from there is dying. Well I guess before I start feeling sorry for myself, I remember that my guests will think I'm such a good host for providing them with the "best room." (And oh yeah -I have the big double closet - not so bad! ha,ha).


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly,

I must compliment you again for such a great blog site...I've move to WordPress and things seem to be going well.
And your simply awesome!
And...the guest bedroom? This stone house chick will have to visit some time. Ohhh...not to worry, I'm just kidding.

Jennifer Robin said...

Your guests will be very lucky. It is wonderful having a bedroom that faces the morning sun (I know!) There'll be no sleeping in in that room!

Granny Sue said...

It's lovely! Congratulations on finishing your cabin. You have a right to be proud, but I would bet that your satisfaction outweighs pride.

Have you ever read We took to the Woods by Helen Hoover? it's set in the North woods and tells about a couple moving there in the 40's or 50's. I liked that book a lot when I read it in the 70's--need to find it again.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jessica said...

Hi Shelley.... Maybe you could make a little sitting area in the spare bedroom when you could read or just realax and enjoy the sunlight and the views.

Anonymous said...

I'm one to prefer the evening sun in my bedroom, and a dark early morning room because I love to sleep in.
It's beautiful! I'm loving looking around your cabin.

Shellmo said...

Reenie - thank you for stopping by - literally! :-)

Jennifer - I do love the morning sun to start the day!

Granny Sue - thanks for the book recommendation - I'm going to order today off Amazon!

Jessica - I like your idea - I'm going to place a nice comfy chair in there for me!

Little greenhouse - thank you for your compliments and for visiting!

Jen said...

I say be a guest in your own home!
I am so enjoying reading your blog!! I am of course going back wards...there will be a surprise at the begining for me I'm sure. LOL