Monday, April 28, 2008

Tracking sand into the Log Cabin

Hardwood floors are what typical log home buyers envision for their log home dream. (Among the stereotypical loft, stone fireplace, etc.) I was no exception. I just love my maple hardwood floors. I was beaming with pride when the appliance and carpet guys complimented them. But the one thing I forgot was all the sand we would be tracking in being on a sandy lakefront lot! (I don't believe in having grass and fertlizers if you're on the lake, it's too much risk in damaging the lake's ecosystem.) In one day my husband and I tracked in enough sand for a baseball field. I placed mats outside the door and right inside the entrance. Then purchased an area rug for the living room. Now I just need one for the dining area. But the final solution is going to be a brick or stone walkway leading up to the entrance. Greg put in mulch as a temporary solution -so that helped and stays within our current budget. The guy who dropped off the mulch said it best - to "take your time and do it right" - we can't buy everything at once. Smart guy!
P.S. I included a picture of what Sunday morning looked like at the Log Cabin. I thought it was stunning and made me realize how many more great mornings we have ahead of us.


Sandy said...

Beautiful area rug. I can imagine the sand and how much work that would be to keep the floors clean. The brick path ought to help a lot.

What a beautiful lake photo. I love your "neck of the woods."


Jim Degerstrom said...

I love the photos and the Thoreau quote having spent my childhood "Growin' Up in Maine". The landscape in N. Michigan is very similar, and your log cabin home reminds me of Maine's new slogan "The Way Life Should Be".

Jennifer Robin said...

I am insanely jealous of your wood floors. We have (yuck) carpet. It's still fairly new looking, but I can't wait to replace it. I think we're going to mill some alder from our woods if we have enough!

Jessica said...

That is a beautiful view of the lake. I bet all the different seasons are equally as beautiful.

Shellmo said...

Sandy - thank you - I never tire of looking at the lake!

Jim - I'm glad you stopped by. Thoreau just seems to explain nature best.

Jennifer - if you do replace your floors, post a photo on your blog. I'd love to see how it comes out!

Jess - I definitely think every season has its beauty. (Though I do laugh when my family says Michigan has 2 seasons - winter and construction - ha,ha.)

SandyVTW said...

Great rug and awesome view!

reliv4life said...

OH my gosh! I can So identify with this!! We have wood floors on our 2nd and 3rd floor, but we did stained concrete floor. It is SO frustrating. It is a dark color and when clean - seldom it is lovely, otherwise it shows EVERYTHING - especially the mud tracked in from the horse pasture all day long!

Jen said...

Pretty rugs!
I think they call them scrapper mats, the ones that office buildings use from services like Cintas and Van Dyne Crotty. I have a 'real' one that I got from there and it works like a magnet, it's in the mud room.
With three dogs and an outdoorsman husband and being in the country...need I say more?