Sunday, July 27, 2008

Log Cabin Family Room

I'm still in the process of getting our main level family room in order at our log cabin. I'm trying to create a cozy, conversational area with the couches and 2 chairs. Now I'm on the hunt for a nice coffee table and a fireplace (I may get an electric one.) What I really like about this area is that we don't need a t.v. - just some people, good conversation and a great view of the lake. We are going to finish the walkout basement to create a recreation room so the hubby can sneak a big screen t.v. and a bar down there. (Also his stuffed fox with the pheasant in his mouth!!)


Bobbi said...

Nice! You need something rustic like an old wooden trunk or crate to use as a coffe table. Maybe an old wooden wagon ...

Rick and Dianne said...

Happy hunting Shelley. I know you will find the "perfect" match in both the table and the fireplace!

So far I love your taste in everything I'm anticipating greatness here. How's that for putting the pressure on?

wendy said...

Love it!
An Electric coffee table? Hmmm... this opens up some possibilities, a coffee table that actually makes coffee, now that would be cool! LOL
(I do know you mean elec. fireplace!)

Sandy said...


love it! The lighting, the feel, the peacefulness of the whole setting, i can see myself sitting there looking out the window...

Shelly this is gorgeous.

Shellmo said...

Bobbi - I have been checking out trunks - good idea!

Dianne- too much pressure! :-)

Wendy - Ha! Espresso would be better!

Sandy - thanks so much!

Jen said...

My opinion is a log coffee table. I'm sure there are plenty of scraps around and a carpenter somewhere. :)
You've done a great job!