Monday, September 29, 2008

Guests at the Log Cabin - Part I

Our log cabin has been completed since March of this year and already we've had several guests at the log cabin. Some of them have already been repeats! Part of the vision Greg and I had when we were planning our log home was all the friends and family we would have over. We've taken them fishing, kayaking, to a parade, State Park and even to the Stampede Saloon (best wings and beer list in Gaylord!)

Now what's really been very nice (and totally unexpected - really!) is all the gifts we have received from our log cabin guests! I feel like it's been Christmas all year! And not only tangible gifts, but we've had quite a few even cook for us! One person even brought their own towels (you know who you are, you don't need to bring towels - I have some for you!)

Here are some of the gifts we've received:

A Weber grill from my sis and brother-in-law. He's the pseudo Bobby Flay!

These decorative (well I'm assuming they are since they have polyurethane on them) log mugs - aren't they great?

A bird feeder that's very popular with my feathered friends!

And who can resist a stuffed moose??

A big thank you to all our friends and family! Just having you at our log cabin spending time with us is all the gift we need! (But Jim & Brian - we do like having you cook for just do it better.....)


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

can those mugs go into the microwave? if not, use them as vases for flowers and leaves.

I wonder what kind of gifts we will get at our new cottage. We really need a wheelbarrow, an axe and some galoshes. lol.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What wonderful house warming gifts! Those mugs are really great!

74WIXYgrad said...

Those are really neat gifts, and I bet you are a giving person as well.

As I was reading your post I was thinking "tell her what's she's won, Johnny!"

Sandy said...

This is great! Good family and friends coming by laden with gifts. These are my kind of people...

I need to meet some friends like this..

Kelly said...

GREAT post! i love those mugs haha. the bird feeder is lovely too :)

i think there is something about a log cabin that just compels guest visits. after all, so many of our log cabin owners are compelled to offer them as a vacation rentals!

Cassie said...

Well Shelly, I think you must have the gift of hospitality.The cabin warming gifts are so nice.So far we have only had our daughter & soninlaw visit at the cabin.Since we really aren't set up for guests yet, they are the only ones I am comfortable with. We'll see if I be come more hospitable after I have living room furniture.I'm guessing not.

Shellmo said...

Hot belly - I like your idea to use for flowers! Like your gift list - an axe?! LOL

Hi Penny - thank you!

74 - I am laughing! Yes - I do feel like I won something on a game show!

Sandy - now I just got to keep em!

Kelly - I like having the visitors - but would be worried about a rental!

Cassie - but you seem like you would love to host a big gathering - LOL!!

Jen said...

These all fit in have good taste in friends and family. :D

Shellmo said...

Jen - I think I do! I'm very grateful & lucky! :-)

Constance said...

I finally got caught up on your blog this morning now that I finished blogging about our trip. Thanks for your comments, I have a philosophy,
"Everyone should go to Yellowstone at least once in their life!"

There truly is no other place with so much diverse wildlife and scenery, not to mention the thermal features! After all, it IS a super volcano! Glacier is "my" park, I love the mountain vistas!

How did the canning project turn out? I need to get my Pumpkin Butter canned but am in the midst of planning our youngest daughter's wedding with her.

I enjoyed the floor plans, I found a couple that looked like it would work with our needs. I am into pocket doors big time and I HAVE to have a good sized pantry/utility/laundry room!

I liked the gifts you have been blessed with by your guests! Do you have a Guest Book? Another question:
Do you have a scrapbook/photo album out where people can see the building process of your lovely home? Those are a couple of things I have decided that I want when we have our log home.

I chuckled about the "lot of wood" comment (Duh!)... and the loft comment, I love lofts! In fact, that is a definite feature Dave & I want!

Happy October!


Shellmo said...

Connie - how funny - I just finished making a scrap book of my log home construction and I do have a guest book!