Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Driving in the snow

I am guessing our drive to the log cabin today will be simliar to the one we took last week. Snowy and slow! The picture below was of our drive last week. I'm so glad the hubby has decided to take some time off so we can spend 5 days at the cabin. We have friends coming to visit for a couple days and there are talks of going sledding!

Thank god for 4 wheel drive!
One of our favorite restaurants is Jac's Place at Marsh Ridge Golf Course. They also rent snowmobiles in the winter. I daydream that the couple in the photo is Greg and I heading back to our snowmobiles after dinner. (No, we don't have snowmobiles....not in the budget yet)

I had the clam strips last time at Jac's and they were so tender and good! Look how beautifully this is presented.

Greg had this pecan encrusted walleye with this outstanding sweet sauce - it was outstanding! I think I'm going to ask Greg to take me there on Friday...

Everyone have a great rest of the week! I'm hoping I can post and check everyone's blogs (that's if our DIAL-UP internet service is working up there. That's another story!)


Lady of the Mote said...

wishing you safe travels,and all power at the cabin,
dinner looks good,

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

That plate of food sure does look good. It is 8 AM and I usually have a breakfast bar, but I would trade it right now for that plate!
Thanks for the tour! Prancer lives in Michigan, who knew!
Clocks ticking...have to get ready to start my day.

Cedar ... said...

I don't know which plate of food I'd prefer, they both look yummy! I enjoyed snomobiling here in the Adirondacks 30 years ago. Then our children were young and our family had four "sleds"... What fun we had with picnics along the trail and get-togethers with other families for trail rides. Now my kids are adults with kids of their own. Two of my three still are snowmobiling,.. now with their own kids! I hijack a sled for a short ride around the pastures at least once a year.

Dawnie said...

that food looks soo good! Have a great time, i know you will. you cant deny how beautiful it is...despite it being so cold at times.

wendy said...

Ha! That is funny about the snowmobiles! We have Arctic cats. Dream on, girl. Maybe someday.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Shelley----First it's a hot tub --so that you can enjoy it while it snows on you. Then, snow-mobiles!!!! Man--I am having fun spending your money for you!!!!!

Be careful going to the log cabin. Me, being an old southern gal---well, I'm afraid to drive in the snow. Having a 4-wheel drive up there is a must I guess!!!!

Enjoy your company also. Lucky people!!!

George said...

Have a safe trip and a good time at the cabin. And enjoy a great meal at that restaurant -- your pictures made me hungry.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

drive safe! and that plate looks soo yummy...


Brandi said...

I have never been snowboarding - it looks like fun! Have a great weekend.

Darla said...

Snowmobiles, snow shovels, snow blowers? Keep posting, I'm learning! Love the photos and that food looks scrumptous!!

reliv4life said...

I guess you are making your Thoreau quote come true!!! Looks like our place from now until about april!! the road looks fairly clear - thank God for plows!!! have fun!!!

Jen said...

Oh gosh I hope your dial up is working too. I will go through withdrawl if not!
Be safe and have snow much fun! :)

Sandi Keene said...

Have a great cabin visit! Just sounds so idyllic! Merry Christmas to you all.

Pam at Antique or Not said...

The snow looks wonderful...send us some! LOL

Drive safely and have a wonderful time.

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Those clamstrips look GOOD! My husband is itching badly for ATV's. He tried telling me that they could replace a tractor and be used for hauling stuff around. lol. We'll be getting those soon. :)

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Oh, I have to wonder what people in the restaurant thought of you taking pics of the food. lol. When I was Waikiki Beach, all the Japanese people did was order a bunch of food, take pictures of it (even took pictures of themselves with it), then took 2-3 bites and left. They even did this at Coldstone. lol.

Tova Darling said...

That food looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the cabin. My aunt and uncle had a cabin in the woods in the Black Hills in South Dakota. They bought snowmobiles to use around the woods. They loved it and I hope you achieve your dream, too.

Bobbi said...

Dial-up - gosh, I'll be thinking about ya!! Have a safe trip!

joated said...

Hope you had a safe trip. The snow falling out in the midwest is headed my way for Thursday night into Friday. And even more is predicted for Christmas Eve and the week after.

Phantastic phood photos!

Oh, the joys of DIAL-UP service, I know them well. They are innumerable. [They can't be counted 'cause there aren't any!]

Enjoy your time at the cabin.

Denise said...

Walleye is Bill's favorite. We don't have a budget for 'toys' yet either. We definitely want snowmobiles. Sounds like Jac's is the place to go!

bennie and patsy said...


Constance said...

I am a tiny bit jealous but I know you are having a wonderful time. the Walleye looks yummy, one of my fav fish! Dave would bring it back from his fishing trips in Canada. I am excited about going snowmobiling in a couple of weeks in Yellowstone! Yippee!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

You've been tagged! Pop over to my blog to see!

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Have a great weekend Shelley!

Shellmo said...

To Everyone - we made it up to the cabin safe & sound. Over 4 feet of snow. By the way - dial up blows!

Lady of the mote - thank you!

Picket - We have some great breakfast places too!

Cedar - We are hoping to try snowmobiling for the 1st time this weekend - seems like so much fun!

Dawnie - thanks - always fun!

Wendy - first its a dream - then a reality - ha,ha!

Betsy - the friend I invited always brings tons of food - so I feel very lucky! LOL!

George - thank you! Wished you & Betsy could've joined us for dinner!

Terri - thank you! Sorry I missed your call - we'll connect next week!

Brandi - thanks!

Darla - I can't find any of your lovely flowers you post under my 4 feet of snow - lol!

Michele - I think you're the only bloggy friend I have that gets more snow than us!

Jen - the dial up is making me insane. Can't believe the cable co won't install my connection!

Sandi - tk you! Hope your holidays are lovely w/ your family too!

Pam - plenty of snow to go around!

Hotbelly - I just sneak out my camera phone and take a quick snap. No one is the wiser! Lol!

Tova - it is yummy!

Jylync - snowmobiles just seem like such a fun way to get around!

Bobbi - pray for me! lol!

Joated - I am BEGGING the cable co to please install in my home!

Denise - you & Bill will have to come meet us for dinner!

B&P - nice to see you!

Connie - I'm jealous of your yellowstone trip!

Pam - I might have to do it upon my return w/ this crazy dial up!

Mom2 - thank you!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you made it safely to your beautiful log cabin. We don't currently live in a log cabin and we still have dial up. We will have to get both one day. :)