Friday, December 26, 2008

Exploring our town

I love to go exploring every nook in our log cabin town. I will drive down side streets, back roads, dirt roads...all in my quest to discover interesting houses, small lakes, wildlife and new trees. When I went driving down this snow covered road and watched this solitary man walking down it and occasionally looking up at the trees, I felt this photo captured the true essence of Northern Michigan - the place I love so much.

"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. "

- John Boswell

Snowy drive


Lady of the Mote said...

Looks Like a magical place.

George said...

What a beautiful picture -- I understand why you enjoy exploring your log cabin town!

JANE said...

Gorgeous, girl I would be riding right along with ya if I were there too!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Shelley, George and I got out the Atlas to check out where Gaylord is.. We found it.. It's WAY up there, isn't it??? Where is your regular home from there??? How long a drive --on a 'clear-road' day??? HA --like there is a 'clear-road' day in winter!!!!


dAwN said...

What a beautiful white road.

reliv4life said...

nice photo. Merry Christmas, Shelley!!

Carol said...

Good morning Shelley! Well, your picture is absolutely beautiful! You know already that I just love snow! Since it's going to be 70 degrees here in Oklahoma today I'll just look at your snow picture & pretend I'm living in a winter wonderland! :o)

Michelle Dawn said...

What a wondeful photo. It looks so peaceful and magical.

Cedar ... said...

that road looks so inviting, like a person could even x-country ski right down the middle of it!

Jen said...

Looks like a good place to plant a log cabin. :D

This Country Girl said...

What a gorgeous picture, Shelley! You have a great eye for photography...I love it!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas in your log cabin!

I loved the Christmas pictures below of the cabin too! Everything looks so cozy!


joey said...

Your log cabin is charming, Shelly. Weather permitting, do believe we're heading UP NORTH tomorrow ... Happy Michigan Holidays!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

So beautiful! It brings back memories of my childhood growing up in Michigan!

Shellmo said...

Lady of the Mote - I like to think so! :-)

George - So many great things to see there! I don't know if I can find a waterfall though for you & Betsy - lol!

Jane - You would enjoy it!!

Hi Betsy - Gaylord is a little over a 3 hour drive from our home in southeast Michigan (that's with clear roads - far and rare in between - ha,ha!)

Dawn - so many pretty snowy roads right now! (Thought after today - might be icy!)

Michele - hope your Christmas was special!!

Carol - you are teasing me w/ that 70 degree weather - lol!

Michelle - If you enjoy a north country feel - you would definitely love this area!

Cedar - I thought the same thing! Either cross country skiing or snow shoeing!

Jen - you are speaking my language! lol!

Tammy - thank you! Gosh your house was so gorgeous in those photos!

Joey - so glad to have a Michigander stop by! Have a safe drive!

Penny - I'm so glad I brought back memories for you! Hugs! :)

Natural Moments said...

This neighborhood has a good feeling to it. It looks a great place to experience life.

grammy said...

I had fun looking back at the cabin pictures. I love cabins. When I was growing up my best friends folks had a small cabin in Colorado. We had so much fun there. One room with a wood stove and outhouse. we loved it. Hey, I can tell I would love your cabin too. (o: I can't do the outhouse thing anymore. (o:

JyLnC said...

That is a great photo and it looks so serene and peaceful.

Powell River Books said...

A beautiful photo of a peaceful scene. Hope you had a great Christmas. -- Margy

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Great quote: and that fresh snow, very scenic, looks like a perfect setting for doing so.

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

How beautiful is that?!
Ooh! you are so fortunate living in such a place as you do!
It would have been wonderful to have just had one snowflake this year....but alas we shall have to dream! (We did have a bit of a frost this morning...does that count maybe?!).
Enjoy your seasonal fun one and all!
Molly x

NCmountainwoman said...

Just beautiful! Christmas card beautiful. What a lovely place to explore.

The White Bench said...

This is just idyllic!
I'd love to come one day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Just so beautiful, we usually get that look in January:) Right now it is about 65* outside...amazing to me but so good for holiday travelers.
Have a wonderful New Year♥

Sandy said...

Postcard perfectly beautiful! I remember when we first got our cabin, I went out all the time looking around and exploring, marveling at the different cabins, the little town. Your post makes me miss this.

Denise said...

Cute neighborhood. We don't have neighborhoods by our cabin. We are too rural. But, Houghton Lake just north of us does. I like to drive around the neighborhoods with my Mom, since she lives there in summer.