Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Log Cabin made me do it

Since we've built the log cabin, I've changed a little bit. I've always loved the outdoors and wildlife as well as doing my part in conservation. One of my fixations is water. The hubby always laughed cuz I was always telling him that he takes too long of showers. And don't leave the water running in the sink while you're brushing your teeth! And the list goes on. But then the log cabin was built.....and it did something to me.

After spending a long day out in the winter snow, and as we are driving back to our log cabin, I am thinking about one thing......

My hot shower! I have to get in that hot shower! I want to look at my beautiful log walls and think about my log kingdom. And I'm going to take a long one to ease the aches and cold of skiing or snow shoeing that day. I want to run that water until the water turns to cold. I am evil I tell you!

Look at this showerhead! I have the rain effect in my shower and the water comes out nice and strong. Oh wait, the hubby is calling me.....wants to know when I'm going to be done. And hey, what about that rule about not taking long showers? Crap! All I can say is the log cabin made me do it!


Alex and Alicia said...

Haha, well played, Shelley. It is always a creative and fun way of explaining why you're allowed to do something and the hubby isn't... "The Cabin made me do it!"

I laughed out loud at this one. I can understand the need for very long, very hot showers after all that time spent in so much snow!

We just got a major ice storm here yesterday, but somehow the snow is avoiding us... hm. Want to ship some out this way for us? :)

Anonymous said...

There is so many beautiful details to your cabin to look at. It must be kinda of like living in a work of Art.

AnnaSam said...

Been so busy lately I am just getting around to visit everyone! I am guilty of that also! But i do have to admit I Love my LOOOOOng showers! LOL LOL! Have a blessed day!

Darla said...

Wonderful! There's nothing like a hot shower to warm the bones!

George said...

The cabin made me do it? I could never get away with an excuse like that, but the long shower sounds like a perfect ending to your day in the snow!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I don't blame you I love my showers too... love the black shower head BTW!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Shelley, Maybe we skrimped and saved for so many many years that it's now time to relax and ENJOY those things we deprived ourselves of for so many years... Isn't that what being 'older' is all about????? (Of course, you aren't OLD like I am!)

Lady of the Mote said...

with all that snow,long hot showers are just what you need

Cedar ... said...

that's one lovely shower head! I agree, nothing like a hot, and long shower to warm up tired muscles after playing in the snow. Go for it girl!

Dawnie said...

what a great showerhead..I want one of those. I would tell him women just need more time than men, you know we shave in the shower, do our faces..etc. it just takes more time!

dAwN said...

Yes i do think it was the Log should get away with that...I want one of those shower heads...I wonder if it would fit in my motorhome?

Anonymous said...

LOL I love your post! Hot showers sound wonderful after a day in the snow. It sounds so cozy in your beautiful log cabin. The scenery is beautiful.

bennie and patsy said...

That is so funny, but I know how you must feel.

Anonymous said...

My husband is in and out of the shower in three minutes flat. I have never understood that concept...showering just to get clean. To moi, it is an experience in comfort and relaxation.

I'm with you on being a water conservation sinner when it comes to a hot shower. There are other ways to make up for know, like the carbon credits the wealthy use to explain away their private jets and 30,000 square foot homes. :>)

Bobbi said...

Love the "rain" shower head!!

Ginger said...

You've got to have a long hot shower after being out in the cold. I think it warms the bones up faster!!! I love that shower head.
What kind of boots do you wear (or footwear I should say) when you are just walking around outside the cabin? I want to get something for the snow and icy sidewalks, but don't know what to get. We've been here 3 years and I still don't have snow clothes.

Shellmo said...

Alica & Alex - I don't think our snow has stopped - LOL! I relish my long showers now - and hubby still isn't allowed....

Natural moments - thank you so much. I do admire the craftsman skill of our builder.

Juanita - You understand me - LOL!

Darla - yes - and then afterwards a big fluffy robe!

George - neither could my hubby get away w/ that excuse either - ha,ha!

Rondel - thank you! It's actually bronze color - but I know the photo makes it look darker.

Betsy - you're right. A girl has gotta splurge sometimes!

Lady of the Mote - I think I'll make it a law!! :-)

Cedar - I'm having visions of a jacuzzi bathtub next! ha,ha!

Dawnie - exactly! No need to tell him I'm just standing in there daydreaming - lol!

Dawn - I think it's so cool that you are living in a motor home traveling around - it's a secret dream of mine!

Charli & Me - thank you! I do love all this snow!

B&P - I think my membership is going to be revoked by one of the conservation organizations I belong to! :-0

Jylync - ha,ha - maybe I'll just donate more to one of my conservation groups if they don't kick me out!

Bobbi - it is really great!

Ginger - I have some waterproof timberland boots and another pair of walking boots that have the fur inside - I'll have to ck the name - I left them at the cabin last weekend! But having waterproof is the most important!!

Powell River Books said...

As you know we have unlimited water at our float cabin, but hot and running from a shower head is another matter. We started with a Zodi propane shower that we could use outdoors, but winters can be pretty cool for outdoors bathing. Our solution to a hot washing was a bathtub. You can see it at my blog under "Hot Tub Bliss." After a long day of working at the cabin it is great to sit is a warm tub, especially when the wood stove has done all the water heating for free. - Margy

Sandy said...

hahahahah, I love long showers too!! You go girl!

The White Bench said...

WOW! This bathroom is JUST awesome (... did I ever mention that before??!??:))

Keep warm,