Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Christmas Decorating at the Log Cabin!

Where does the time go? I thought I would be done with my Christmas decorating by now but it has become an addiction at the log cabin. I keep seeing things that would look great against our log walls. It will be our first Christmas there and we'll be having guests in and out - so I want it to look extra cozy and special. (Special note to guests - I like cookies! Pies are nice too! Marvin the cat says if you could bring another ornament for him to chew on - that would be great.)

Well I finally got our cabin's namesake hung outside. I think this will make the Loons on our lake like me more!

Psst - did I tell you I was a Loon Ranger? ha,ha - everyone still makes fun of me for this. I think they're jealous of my authority....

I picked up this mosaic glass vase and shimmery copper flower arrangement from Garden Ridge to place in our bathroom.

I also have a little tree plugged in the corner. I think this bathroom needs some more Christmas stuff!

I have a peppermint candy themed tree for the guest room. It has peppermint candy garland and the little tree topper is a snowman holding a candy cane! I'm going to hang some real candy canes on it as well.

Here's a close up view of that candy garland!

Doesn't the tree look nice lit up in the guest room?

My mother-in-law made me this loon pillow for my bird themed guest room. Luckily for me she's handy with the sewing machine!


Anonymous said...

All of your decorations are very pretty. I really loke the cabin namesake. The name you picked is great.

Leedra said...

You have spruced the log cabin and the blog up so nicely.

Bobbi said...

I thought you were a "Loon", but now it's official!!!

The cabin looks so Christmasy - you've done a fabulous job!

George said...

You're making me wish we had a log cabin. You do a great job with both the cabin and your blog.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Shelley, You just have a gift of knowing how much to decorate --without it being too much. Love the little tree in the guest room. We have one tiny tree (about that size) in our bedroom and that's all that that room needs!!!!

Being in Loons' Nest is fine as long as you don't turn into a Loon-a-tic!!!! ha ha

Jen said...

All your new additions are just right. And a tree in every room? Why Not! :D

ctlogcabin said...

Shelley ~ So glad you will be spending Christmas at the Cabin. I'm sure your whole family and all your friends will just love it.
It looks mighty festive. EnJoy !!
Sending Warm Connecticut Hugs ~ Connie xox

Denise said...

I like the little peppermint tree in your guest room, nice touch! Our old electrical system won't allow anything more than a clock plugged into the outlet without tripping a circuit...LOL

Anonymous said...

I am glad you made it to the cabin safely, although it does sound like it was a hairy ride! The cabin looks great and personally I don't think you can ever do to much decorating for Christmas! Stay warm and be safe,

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I like your cabin especially the walls...how nice it would be to decorate a home like that:) Everything looks wonderful Shelly♥

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your home and all your decorating. I think I could come and just take a nap it looks so relaxing!

Constance said...

You're looking very festive! Our best friends have a cabin up in Sioux Narrows, Ontario that was built by his Grandfather in 1956. This year due to declining health his father officially transferred it over to him. For Christmas Dave had a beautiful sign made for them to hang on the outside of their cabin.

Our son asked me if we were going to pass our cabin down after we're gone (providing we ever get it built!) Even an 18 year old sees the value of having a family legacy.

Cedar ... said...

Lots of loons here in the Adirondacks,.. aren't they just wonderful? I love going to sleep at night when i'm camping and listening to their calls. Late July seems to be the best time for a lot of chatter from them. your decorations are outstanding!

Anonymous said...

I love the little snowman tree in the bedroom and the tiny tree in the bathroom is adorable, too.

me ann my camera said...

Your cabin looks beautiful! May you have a wonderful Christmas within with family and friends.

Brandi said...

I love everything you are doing in your log home! Each time I read your post makes me want to come for a visit more!

Merry Christmas and God bless your holidays!!!


The White Bench said...

Beautiful Beautiful! Especially the bathroom :):):)
LOVE IT!!!!!!

Shellmo said...

Charli & Me - Thank you! Glad you like the name!

Leedra - thanks! I'll have to have a new blog design come spring!

Bobbi - yes - I am a loonatic! ha,ha!

George - let me know if you want one - I sell em! Thank you for the kind comments!! :-)

Betsy - I don't know who's nicer - you or George! It's a tie!! :-)

Jen - yes - a tree in every room! I like the sound of that!

CTlogcabin - thank you - it'll be our first xmas celebrating there so we are so excited!!

Denise - how about a battery operated tree? They have those battery operated candles now.. :)

Countryview - thank you! I think I better watch my budget on the christmas decorating! ha,ha!

Rondell - I'm so glad you like it!!

Sarah - I have a comfy red couch that I like to lay on and look up at the log ceiling and out the windows to the lake! Perfect for napping!

Connie - One day Dave will be able to make your own log cabin sign! It is definitely a family legacy! We have told my stepson that we expect him to be a good citizen (good student, one day a good husband, father, son, etc.) and then the cabin would be passed onto him. He needs to earn it!

Cedar - I know your area is abundant with loons! I am so fascinated by them!

JyLync - Thank you! I hope to finish up this week - and that the weather is good enough to make it to the cabin in one piece!!

Me and my camera - thank you! i wish the same for you too!

Brandi - load up your sled and come on over!

Monica - thanks so much! I need to do some more stuff... :)

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on Completing your Log Cabin and Your dream Home. It looks beautiful and especially with all of your christmas decorations.

Kath said...

Oh wow! everything is beautiful! your home...your decor...your ornaments...EVERYTHING!
a cozy log cabin/winter time/Christmas....what could be better??? :)

have a wonderful evening!

holiday hugs-Kath

Naturegirl said...

Shelley: The Loon's Nest is perfect!
Love the decorations..cozy cozy!

Michelle Dawn said...

I would definately feel at home there. You are so creative. It looks awesome.

Sandy said...

OH..it all looks great. Love the sign ...

Cassie said...

Lovely.You are Looneytunes for Christmas!!

Catherine Holman said...

Love the sign and your decorations look great!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

beautiful cabin and decorations!!!!!!!!!