Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain at the Log Cabin

It rained all weekend at the log cabin as I'm sure it did at everyone's homes. While we didn't get to finish caulking our log ends outside, it was still nice to be there and plan our indoor projects.

This photo was taken in the afternoon - quite dark outside with all that rain. I think I need more pumpkins in the window.

One good thing about the rain, it's helping my grass seed grow! Starting to look like a lawn.

I want to plant a couple Blue Spruce trees (my favorite) next weekend.

Greg was thrilled he got to finish his work bench in the basement which included hanging up all his fishing lures.

P.S. If you get a chance, please stop over and visit Rob at the Cottage Chronicles to wish him and his family well. His wife had an aneursym and is recovering in the hospital. Rob has a wonderful and informative blog with cottage tips, product reviews and just plain having a good time with the family at the Cottage.


Bendz said...

Nice shots.
Rain cleans the home too :-)
Nice blog and keep it up.
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Jessica said...

The front page headline on our local paper this morining was "11 inches in one weekend!". That's a lot of rain!!

I'm headed over to wish Rob and his family well.

Kelly said...

mmmm rain! We got some from Hanna, but sure could use some more here! Enjoy :)

Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for letting me know that the print arrived safely. We've had tons of rain too, but for some reason it hasn't bothered me much. It's that much less watering I have to do each morning.

Shellmo said...

Bendz - thanks so much!

Jessica - That IS a lot of rain! Thank you for wishing Rob well :-)

Kelly - ready now for some sunny days!

Catherine - thanks for stopping by! I love my print!

Brandi said...

Hi Shelley,

We received lots of rain last week, but we always need it here in dry West Texas so it is always welcomed.

Thanks for the comment on my fair scrapbook. I was just whining to my daughter that no one had commented and there you were! Thanks

Jen said...

Everything looks great!!..and I see Greg snuck in another little rack there on his work bench. ;)

Shellmo said...

Brandi - I love what you did w/ your scrap book!

Jen - I can't believe you saw that itty bitty rack my hubby had on there! Too funny!

reliv4life said...

glad you found things to do indoors!

Sandy said...

Great shots and enjoyed each and every one!

love the rain outside the window.

I'll check out that link.

Knatolee said...

Can your hubby teach my hubby to have a neat workbench like that??!! ;)