Friday, June 6, 2008

Log Cabin Moment

I have to say one of my best log cabin moments has been when I wake up in the morning and look out these two windows to see the trees and sunshine. Bird are singing....squirrels are scampering about (emptying out my birdfeeders but that's okay...) I'm in nature and I'm at peace. That is what the log cabin is about.


Island Rambles Blog said...

I like this picture a lot..I have always dreamed of having a log cabin in the woods...probably looks like it won't happen....I have been cruising around at all your sites...I really like them a lot, I could not decide where to stop in and comment!!! Cheers have a great weekend.

joated said...

I totally agree with you. (Except for the part of the squirrels emptying the feeder. That is NOT okay to me.)

Looking out the windows in my cabin to see the woods and the wide open valley below--I have a view of 15 to 20 miles across and down the valley--makes it a perfect place for me.

Cabinhaus said...

I know the feeling of looking out our windows and seeing the wild life, trees and pond..and I don't mind the squirrel/chipmunks eating from our bird feeder either. I love to watch their antics.

Jennifer Robin said...

Waking up to my view of the water every morning is definitely up there with top moments for me too. I had a pretty view when we lived in the suburbs too, but there was too much ambient noise that went along with it.
Our resident chipmunk can't get to the bird feeder itself, but he doesn't mind cleaning up after what the birds spill on the ground!

Sandy said...

What a great "feel" that room has. I would love to wake up there in that cheerful light cozy bedroom.

Cassie said...

Ditto. It's been raining a bunch here in N.Idaho and I love hearing the rain hit the metal roof of our cabin. The birds have made fleeting appearances for the few moments of sunshine. I know they're out there somewhere. My neighbor spotted 5 NEW birds at her place. She must have better eyes than I do. There was a mama turkey with tiny, tiny chicks on my driveway today. I went to shoot some pics, but then she was acting pretty protective so I backed off. Would hate to be atttacked by a wild-eyed turkey and have my carcass found weeks later!! Another disadvantage of being a hermit.

reliv4life said...

beautiful sight to wake up to!!

Shellmo said...

Island - thank you for stopping by!

Joated - a wide valley view sounds wonderful.

Cabinhaus - I am in complete agreement!

Jennifer - the lake view would be next on my list - nothing like a calm morning lake.

Sandy - thank you - that room is still a work in progress.

Cassie - listening to rain in a log cabin is a great moment too!

Reliv - so many beautiful sights!