Monday, August 25, 2008

Log Cabin Projects

Fall is coming and then you know what is next! We've got to get a cracking on our log cabin projects! The joke in Michigan is that they only have two seasons - winter and construction. (Michiganders will find that joke funny.)

After it rained furiously in Gaylord, the rain frog gave us the okay to do our outdoor projects.

The lot was graded and top soil was put down to prep for the grass seed. (This will be an upcoming post.)

Greg built this bird feeder tray which I do not find attractive but our bird friends do.

Greg is trying to complete the caulking on our tongue and groove ends. I think our next log home will be a swedish cope style so we do not have to caulk for the rest of our log home owner lives!

Finally, we got to enjoy the sunset after a hard day's work.


reliv4life said...

Looks like a lot got done! Nice Job! We have that same saying in Montana - winter and construction, also we say winter and visitors...

Constance said...

Here in Texas we have 2 seasons also, Summer lasts from pthrough October and then there is the rest of the year. It never gets too cold so I don't EVEN consider calling it Winter!

I liked the deer head mount! Our last day in San Antonio for the Beth Moore conference we went into the Buckhorn Saloon & Texas Ranger Museum. You'd have had to keep your Hub from drooling. There are mounts EVERYWHERE!!! I have seriously thought that I would like a moose mount in our EC (Eventual Cabin).

So you're saying the Swedish Cope style has less caulking for maintainence? Once we're retired, those are things to keep in mind!


Constance said...

Somehow, I lost the word APRIL when mentioning our 2 seasons!


Rick and Dianne said...

Well, here in North Country we do get all four's just that winter is the longest one and summer is the shortest.

Already we have leaves on some trees turning bright red! It's still August, but the trees are already feeling the cool nights.

Love how nice the cabin looks being graded. Can't wait for the grass seed to be scattered. Do you think you will have a problem with the birds trying to eat all that new seed?

Shellmo said...

Reliv - Michelle - Thank you! And I forgot about the visitors..they've definitely increased!

Constance - my hubby really wants a moose head - I told him he's not allowed to shoot one but he can acquire one from someone else. And the swedish cope style definitely has less maintenance on the log ends!

Hi Dianne - they scattered hay over the grass seed to protect it. It looks like I can have my own horse farm, either that or I should get a wagon and give hay rides! I'll be posting those pics soon.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Busy, Busy!! I grew up in Michigan and I did laugh at that joke! I look forward to see more about your lawn.

Sandy said...

I love your updates over here.

Shellmo said...

Hi Penny - glad you got the joke! :-)

Sandy - thank you - more to come!