Friday, August 29, 2008

We don't need a t.v. at the log cabin....

I am slowly putting together our little family room at the log cabin. When we were first looking at the log home floor plans, I always envisioned a cozy seating area. The basement would become the recreation / entertaining room. And one thing we have come to realized as we've sat in this family room, looking out at the lake, trees and birds - we don't need a t.v. in this room. The conversation is good enough and the view is more than enough adequate entertainment. Last weekend I witnessed a juvenile eagle splash his claws into the lake to grasp a fish. There would've been no program on t.v. at that moment that was better than seeing nature at its best.
But less you think I'm totally against a t.v. being at the cabin - I am letting my hubby put one in the basement so he doesn't miss his Detroit Lion's football games!


SandyVTW said...

Glad you are letting your hubby have his TV :) I think your family room is just fine with out one. Enjoy your beautiful views and nature!

Rick and Dianne said...

I totally agree. We may eventually decide to make our basement room into the TV/rec room, but so far our TV's (past and present)go up in the loft. I've always loved not having a TV downstairs. And, over the years have received many questions about where it is...??? Well, I can always bring them up to the loft to show it off...When I have company I want to enjoy them and the conversations. Not suddenly have someone's attention switch to what's happening on TV.

Another plus was it was so much easier to keep the living area clean and tidy. Anywhere our TV is tends to get cluttered quickly! LOL

Brandi said...

As much of a TVaholic as I am, I must agree that not having one at the cabin is nice. We don't have a cabin but my dad does and we spend so much time outside at the lake that it is rarely turned on. They have it mainly to watch the news and check the weather when they are there for extended periods. It is also nice to have it for the grandkids when it gets to hot for them to be outside.

I love the look of this room and a TV would just ruin the view!

How awesome to have witnessed the eagle!!!!

reliv4life said...

Good idea - tv in the basement - I wouldn't want to live without a movie to relax occasionally! When you want nature - just stay upstairs!

Cassie said...

Love your cranberry couches. EagleVision sounds way more exciting than television.;<)

Jessica said...

I'm with you on the tv thing. We are a tv junkie nation. You have your priorties right at the cottage!! I think it would be easier for me to live without tv than without the computer.

Sandy said...

that room is so gorgeous with that red couch.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Shelley,
Your family room looks so cozy! I would rather watch nature than TV anyday!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I think we all could do with a little less tv. As I sit here watching tennis on tv ! Oh,well!
The view is pretty!

Jonathan said...

Love it! It looks like you have a great setup there.

Shellmo said...

Sandy - thank you!

Dianne - I think the basement is the perfect place for the rec area. And I laughed when I read your comment about people asking where it is - I've already had that question several times!

Brandi - I believe it is impt to have the t.v. somewhere - esp. for the reasons you mentioned - the news - esp for weather alerts.

Reliv- I do love my nature movies/documentaries and animal planet!

Cassie - eaglevision is the perfect word for it!!

Jessica - I couldn't live without my computer either..need to keep up with what my blogging friends are doing!

Sandy - glad you liked the couch! I was so excited to find it in a local shop.

Penny - hope to add some more things to make it even more cozier!

Picketfence - very funny - but I watch tennis too!

Jonathon - many thanks!