Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall begins at the Log Cabin

I can't wait another day, I have to start decorating the log cabin for fall! Plus I already have the hay in my backyard (for the grass seed - but it's still good hay!)

I picked up this beautiful wooden loon decoy in downtown Gaylord. I tried to haggle with the owner on price - but she said "it's signed by the artist, last one." How do I argue with that? Anyways, doesn't he look good with the fall foliage and pumpkin by him?

I have fall leaves and mini pumpkins spread out with my bird houses and other loons. There's great prices on fall decorations right now at Garden Ridge.

Couple pumpkins in the window....

Welcome to our Harvest Home!! (I still have to pick up a lot more stuff.....I need some of those scarecrow fellows!!)


Brandi said...

As much as I love Winter and Christmas, I just love decorating for fall. Everything looks great.

And Garden Ridge - how lucky are you? The closest one to me is over 100 miles away!

Constance said...

I had intended to decorate for fall yesterday and have our 6 year old grand-daughter help me but I got involved packing my suitcase for our upcoming trip. It's hard thinking of packing warm clothes when you're sweating and it's 95 degrees outside! Still, I got it all done! Yipee!

I had hoped to do it before we leave but if I don't, Oh Well! Your loon is wonderful! He looks right at home there!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your fall decorating is look wonderful! I haven't started yet...I do mostly outside decorating in the fall and it is still too warm here.

Catherine Holman said...

Your fall decorations look lovely! I'm hoping to get mine out sometime today. Thanks for voting on my side. It looks like I'm still losing though!

Sandy said...

Oh I can "feel" fall in the air just looking at these!! The colors in the one with the window, the way the light is, so beautiful.

Bobbi said...

I'd like some pumpkins in my loft, please! :)

Jen said...

It's beautiful and I love fall... but I'm not ready to let go of summer. Besides, it's 95 degress here today.

Shellmo said...

Brandi-I like decorating for xmas too!

Constance - Glad you like my loon! Hope your trip is wonderful!

Penny - I figure I'm about a 1/4 done - still have to do more inside & out!

Catherine - sorry to hear you're losing....

Sandy- it's all about the windows! :-)

Bobbi- I'll put a dozen up there for you!

Jen - it was 94 here today - not exactly setting the fall mood!

Knatolee said...

It's about 95F here today, too... hard to think of fall, but the temps are supposed to drop tomorrow.

Your cabin and the wole are are gorgeous! BTW, I think you were smart to take the leap from your job. And your cat is adorable.