Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pioneer Woman at the Log Cabin!

Since I now have a log cabin, I have to do "pioneer things."

I am going to can the blackberries I picked last weekend and make blackberry jam at the log cabin!

Now that sounds like something one of these pioneer women pictured here would do, right??

This photo is courtesy of the Otsego Historical museum and these people once lived in my cabin town!

By the way, I learned that the method I used last year (turning the jars upside down to set) is the WRONG way and can cause botulism! Luckily all my family members made it last year without incident. In case you're curious, click here for canning tips. Want more information on blackberries? Click here.

I did purchase a pressure cooker - but after reading the threatening instructions tonight, I am returning it. I am afraid it's going to explode in my face! So I went on Amazon and purchased a water bath canner. Now that sounds a lot safer in my opinion.

Here's my new canning tool!

Now I just need to make labels for my Blackberry Jam! What to name it? The Loon's Nest Blackberry Jam seems too long...


Brandi said...

I think Loon's Nest Blackberry Jam would be a fantastic name! Whatever the name I am sure it will taste wonderful! My mouth is watering!lol

Knatolee said...

An excellent name! I love making stuff like that. So far this season I've made salsa, pickled beets, pickled hot peppers, and strawberry jam. I have only ever stuck to things with enough acidity that they don't need a pressure canner.Call me chicken.

Also, in case you're don't know, it's good to let your stuff sit for 24 hours after canning before you move it. I also read that it's a good idea to leave stuff in the canner, with the heat turned off, for five minutes after it's finished. Apparently prevents leakage caused by whatever rapid temperature change does to canned stuff!

Glad no one got botulism. :)

Rick and Dianne said...

I know nothing about canning! You are far braver than I! I've heard stories from friends about the blackberry bushes attacking back.

Loon's Nest Blackberry Jam is what I think you should call it. If it's too long put it on two lines. You have the computer...what's another line of typing???

Loon's Nest
Blackberry Jam

I like that...has a good ring to it.

Jen said...

Don't go too crazy might give Greg the wrong idea. ha.
I remember my mom using a pressure cooker..scares me too.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Blackberry jam...hmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds soooo good!

cabinhaus said...

We picked blackberries too but we like to eat them fresh off the vines with vanilla ice cream or cream on them. Lots of good picking this year. Appreciate your comments on my blog.

Shellmo said...

Brandi - it is my favorite jam ever! Wish I could share it with you! :-)

Knatolee- You are a true canning professional! Thank you for the tips! After I conquer this jam thing - I would love to do salsa.

Dianne- those bushes hurt like heck! I had scratches up and down my arms. Maybe you're right about the name....

Jen - what's worse is I can't find that darn receipt for the explosive bomb - I mean pressure cooker that i purchased! Might have to put it on ebay!

Penny - there's nothing like it! Hopefully I make it right!

Cabinhaus - you reminded me - I should set some aside for ice cream!

Cassie said...

Yum. 80yr old buddy Ilse in MT. makes huckleberry jam with me every year. It's our Oct. tradition. We use the hot water bath, & turn them upside down for 5 minutes afterwards.

Jessica said...

Shelley... I think we were born in the wrong era. Maybe we should have been pioneer women. Maybe not, I like my dishwasher, washing machine and microwave.

Shellmo said...

Cassie - never tasted huckleberry but I imagine it must be real good!

Jess - I'm w/ you - I still need my appliances- plus my computer!

74WIXYgrad said...

Seeing that I live just a few miles north of Orrville, Ohio, I think you should call it Smuckers, because with a name like Smuckers, it's got to be good.

On second thought you might want to call it Shelly's Super Special Spectacularly Sweet Secret Recipe Blackberry Jam of the Loon's Nest.

You would need a big jar for that label, so the winners will be the consumers.

Knatolee said...

Salsa is very easy, and it's difficult to give yourself botulism because of the acid content! :) I have two small-batch canning books that I really like, each of which has several salsa recipes. They're published in Canada and ten years old, but you might luck out and find them at your library:

Put a Lid on it! by Ellie Topp & Margaret Howard
ISBN 0-7715-7452-5


More Put a Lid on It!
same authors, ISBN0-7715-7625-0

They do have them here:

but I bet they're on Amazon as well

Keep on canning! I have my mother's canner, which looks just like yours but is about 40 years old. Those things last forever.

Oh! You know what else is good? Chili sauce! Especially in fall when the tomatoes and peppers are ready. Mmmmmm...

Shellmo said...

74WIXY - I would need a "keg" to fit the name you listed as your second suggestion - LOL!!

Knatolee - thanks so much for those book names! Chili sauce does sound good...