Saturday, September 13, 2008

"That's a lot of wood you have here!"

"That's a lot of wood you have here!"

If my friends and family are reading this right now, I guarantee they are laughing their butts off as they have heard me tell this irksome story so many times!

A person (who shall remain unnamed) came to see my log home for the first time. The very first comment out of this person's mouth after looking at the walls up and down was to say "That's a lot of wood you have here!" (The silent retort in my head "well genius, this is a LOG HOME!"

The second comment came as they were pointing to my loft floor - "That's too bad that they couldn't have brought that floor across so you could have more room upstairs." (The silent retort in my head - "well then I wouldn't have a 2-story living area and it wouldn't be a loft!")

And then that was it. No compliments. Nothing afterwards to say "this is a nice log home" or "I like that lamp you have, etc.." The retort in my head at this point was "Don't you realize that this is a craftsman work of art? It's a log home! Isn't there anything - anything you like about it?"

Yep, my family and friends are laughing - they can't believe I let that comment get to me. In fact, when my brother-in-law signed my guest book at the log cabin, he had to put down that phrase "that's a lot of wood you have here". (No, he wasn't the original culprit.)

I do have to laugh about it now. I will forgive but NEVER forget. I know not everyone likes log homes (it's hard for me to fathom in my log obsessed world) - everyone has their own taste and style. But still...don't you think a log home is cool??


Brandi said...

Some people!

Still love the home.

Rick and Dianne said...

It takes all kinds...but really even if this person felt the home wasn't for them, they should still have appreciated it for the uniqueness of what you and Greg created. A small compliment would have been nice. (Was this nameless person male or female?...I have my suspicions...I also think I have someone quite similar in my own sphere of family/friends...LOL)

When trying to sell our old log home I remember one lady in particular. She came in and looked around and loudly announced to her husband that she "didn't like it because there were no walls to paint" and she was serious. Gee, I wonder who did the painting in that family? Another time I recall a young girl of about 5 or 6 telling everyone she had picked out her bedroom in the house AND she was going to paint it PINK!

Well, I love log homes so I totally agree with you that they are "way cool"...And living in a conventional home for these past 6 months my appreciation for log homes has grown even more!

Sandy said...

Yes I do!! I think log homes are wonderful.

I also think some people find it hard to be generous with a compliment. I've found that in my own experience when we have done something great to the house and a certain person will walk in and just say "hmmmm".

Jessica said...

Cute story!

Knatolee said...

Hilarious, but not entirely surprising!

I LOVE your home. :)

74WIXYgrad said...

You have to realize that if there weren't ignorant people in this world, the rest of us would have less to laugh about.

Just don't let the less informed ruin your day!

sailormo said...

I think log homes are so very cool, and this is from someone with a far different addiction. I live on a sailboat on Lake Ontario and I completely understand how you feel. Lucky you for living your dream life.

Shellmo said...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments!

Jen said...

Are you going to invite them back and cook dinner for them? hehehe

Shellmo said...

Jen - there won't be any room for them cuz I'm inviting you over! :-)

reliv4life said...

"don't give people free rent in your mind" dont' waste another moment thinking about this weirdo!!

Cassie said...

I KNOW this person! She was at my cabin a few weeks ago.She feels every inch of wall space should be covered with some doodad(I said this is a log cabin &I love to look at the logs) and couldn't get a compliment out of her mouth if she was being tortured.My 'dream stove' (Danish soapstone)is apparently a stupid choice,the shed was wayyyy too expensive(theirs is so much better) and Baby Rocket Dog pooped on her lawn! Awwww.