Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love my guest room

A light bulb popped on in my head and I realized I still had some log cabin and nature photos on my camera! So I downloaded a few onto the hubby's computer. Today we are going to go look at new laptops as well as crossing our fingers that Greg's cousin who's very computer savvy - will be able to retrieve my photos from my crashed computer.

I've been spending time picking up things here and there for the guest room. It's just such an easy room to decorate (yes, I've been neglecting my own room and the loft as well as the bathroom in the basement!) But I love the idea of making a guest feel so comfortable and peaceful at our log cabin.

I got something new for the guest room. Do you know what it is? (By the way, a bed ruffle and a headboard is next on my list!)
shelley 006

I spruced up this garland with a bird and some greenery. Isn't it perfect for my bird themed guest room? My husband claims it's too "chickish."
shelley 007

I picked up this fun little mirror (see the bird on top) so my guests can make sure they look acceptable and not scare me in the morning. Ha,ha!

shelley 009

Thank you again for all of your comments, visits, advice and encouragement on my crashed computer! I will be back to my regular visits to your blogs very soon! Miss you!!!


Sandi Keene said...

Very welcoming room, Shelley!

Good luck with your computer - I have my fingers crossed for your photos!

MindyLew said...

I think you done a wonderful job making your guest room very cozy - and what man does not like to wake up to eggs first thing in the morning??? LOL

74WIXYgrad said...

To help ease the pain of the computer crash(I wonder if you are now eligible for bailout money)I have an award for you.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

so pretty..
I can't wait to come stay in my room... LOL

country gal said...

I love that room! Chickish? a bird room! lol! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!


Bobbi said...

I'm a minimalist, so take your time fixing up my loft!:)

Wishing you luck retrieving your pix!

April said...

Seriously...can I move in??? Just give me a time and a place, and I'm there! What a pretty room an so welcoming! Love it!

Sandy said...

I came here first, so I'm guessing you talked about your computer on your other blog. Hope you get it fixed soon.

Love your new items you got for the guest room. I would definitely need that mirror in the mornings. Maybe a paper bag would be more fitting, cause I would definitely scare you.

Ginger said...

Shelley, I think the garland is perfect....I have a lot of birds around in my living room, I don't know why I have this addiction to little birds, lol.
I think any guest would love to stay in your guestroom, and not want to leave!!

This Country Girl said...

This is a very soothing room! It's a perfect decor for a guest room in your log cabin! Great job!

Have a great weekend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful guest room Shelley!!! I couldn't enlarge the picture --so I'm not sure what is new. Maybe you are talking about the garland-which is absolutely gorgeous!!! I think that room is for George and me.. Ya think??? ha ha

Good luck with your computer---old one and new one.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a very welcoming room so far..
LIsa Dorion

George said...

Your guests should feel very comfortable in this room.

Shellmo said...

Sandi - thank you! I noticed it looked a little messy - still a work in progress.

MindyLew - thanks so much! And yes - you're right about the eggs! LOL!~

Wixy - bailout money...hmmm...I'm getting right on it! ha,ha

Terri - It's waiting for you!

Joy - What a pleasure to have you come visit my blog! I am so honored!! Thank you!

Bobbi - Are you sure you don't want a t.v in the loft? lol!

April - if you can bake some pretty good pies and cookies - then you can move in! ha,ha!

sandy - thank you! The computer is dead but I'm hoping to recover the photos.

Ginger - you should see all the bird houses I have above my cupboards! Something so homey about birdies!

Tammy - thank you - still a work in progress...

Betsy - I'm waiting for you & George to come to northern Michigan! I have to find you some waterfalls here!

Lisa - thank you!

George - I'm hoping so!

reliv4life said...

I think you should pretend you are a guest and go stay in there!! so what is new? the shade, the small pillow? or was the obvious garland? I am hoping your photos are retreived!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love the mirror with the bird on top!

I hope your new lap top is everything that you want!
Have a wonderful weekend.

American Way Farm said...

Love it! How does this coming weekend sound for a visit? LOL - just kidding.

Hope all goes well with the computer stuff. -Sandy

Dawnie said...

i'm so happy your getting that room ready for me! I will need the mirror--i'm so scary in the morning.

I dont think your garland looks to chickish!

Cedar ... said...

I like your guest room,... those walls are beautiful. And this is one "chick" that would love to sleep in your bird room. I like your taste in decorating.

joated said...

I am always impressed with your little decorative touches. Your place looks so lovely that it makes me a bit jealous.

BTW I mentioned before that I sent my hard drive out for recovery when it died a year plus ago. There were too many entries and pictures on it to lose. I was happy with a company called Eco Data Recovery ( They weren't cheap but they got ever bit of data off my computer I could have wished for. I figured if I had paid to have all those pictures on 35 mm slides, I would have paid the same amount as I did to get the digital versions back off the hard drive. Yeah, there awere several thousand pictures including all those from the building of our log home in 2006.

Anyhow, I got the data back on an external hard drive, got a new lap top and a new hard drive for the old one. And lots and lots of DVDs to put those pictures and all my new ones on.

If I had to do it over again, I would. Recovered were pictures of a once in a lifetime events such as the home construction, vacations out to Colorado Springs with good friends, as well as several fishing trips to northern Quebec with relatives and more good friends. And the journal entries that went along with each.

Good luck with your computer.

Powell River Books said...

Your guest room is a lot more civilized than mine. My guests (and we don't get many) have to share their room with the wood storage shelf. We at least take out enough wood for the fire at night so as not to disturb a good night's sleep. -- Margy

Anonymous said...

I love all of the things you picked up for your guest room. It looks so cozy. I especially like the little sprig with the nest in it. It's so pretty!

Sharon said...

I love your garland. I have been looking for nests at craft shops to fix up. But have not seen any as nice as yours. Hoping you can save your photos. Thanks for visiting me. Sharon

Jessica said...

Hey... If you are considering a new laptop I recommend that you look at a macbook. I did the switch to a mac this fall and I've never been happier!! I'll never go back to a pc.

Your guest room is lovely. I love the soft warm colors.

Constance said...

Good Luck with your 'puter and thanks for stopping by. I get my Raspberry Chipotle Sauce from Costco. I also use it on my grilled salmon! My Hub says it tastes better than any restaurant's! Pretty good endorsement!

Cassie said...

Shelley ~ First of all,I made your rigatoni recipe for lunch today & Patrick loved it. I made a little corner without the meat for myself and that was good too. I sent a plate to our (bachelor) neighbor, froze a serving, saved one for Pat's lunch Monday, and still have 2 servings left for another meal! Yum! 2nd, I sure hope you get your pictures back from your computer. That is such a bummer. 3rd, Your guest room looks so inviting.The new garland is neat.

Barbara said...

My husband will come and visit any time....I think I told you before, but he would be very jealous if he saw your log cabin. Looking great.

Shellmo said...

Michele - I have thought about staying in my own guest room - funny you should mention it! LOL!

Rondell - Glad you like that mirror! Still deciding on a computer...

American Way - as I've said before - if you agree to bring me cookies and pies - you can come over! LOL!!! :)

Dawnie - glad you didn't think the garland was too chicky! Hey - I got your wonderful gift yesterday - it certainly cheered me up! thank you!!!! Stay tuned for a post...

Cedar - I'm trying to convince the hubby that the bird theme is less chickish than if I went w/ a cat theme! LOL!!

Joated - thank you so much for that link! I am going to let my hubby's cousin who works for microsoft give it a whirl - and if that doesn't work, then I'm going to check out ecorecovery.

Margy - the scenery at your place is breathtaking! I wouldn't mind sleeping w/ the wood! Just give me a fleece blanket! :)

Charli - I've been on the hunt for more birdy things...

Sharon - I found this garland at a shop that was having a close out sale so I lucked out.

Jessica - I think I'm too afraid to switch to the MAC, I'm a chicken! LOL!

Connie - I am running to the nearest costco - glad to hear they have that sauce!

Cassie - glad you liked that rigatoni meal! I've made it without meat too when I have my vegetarian friends come to visit.

barbara - thank you so much! We've got a lot of spring projects planned!

Jen said...

The twig swag with the birds is adorable and very fitting for the room.
I thought you got a headboard awhile back?

Judy said...

I really like the way you decorated your guest room, especially the wall arrangement. It looks warm and inviting!