Sunday, January 18, 2009

A man and his cabin cat

This is a story about a good hubby named Greg. He is a hunter, outdoorsman and has latin blood in him (so yes, there is a little machismo there!) His adoring wife (that's me!) begged him for a kitty. They weren't ready for a dog yet due to their work schedules. Greg protested saying "having a cat isn't very manly" and asking "what exactly does a cat do?" Adoring wife persisted and finally in a moment of weakness, hubby said okay, go to the shelter and go get a cat.

So we got Marvin and the rest became history. Marvin was no ordinary cat. Greg discovered that Marvin like to wrestle with him like a dog. I would watch this man crawl on his knees playing hide and seek with Marvin. Marvin comes to me to be held and loved, but he seeks Greg out to play with. As soon as Greg came home from work, Marvin would rub his cheeks all over Greg's legs, his shoes and briefcase. For some of you that don't know, this means the kitty is marking what's his. This kitty loves him so much and even though Greg won't admit it, I know Greg loves him as much too! The above photo is of the two of them at our log cabin watching the birds together at the bird feeders. It's things like this that melts my heart! (Sorry honey, don't worry - they all know you're a tough guy! I can talk about your sniper skills later.)


Catherine Holman said...

When my husband sits down, both of our cats jump in his lap and snuggle up! He wasn't a big cat lover until we got these two. I found out a couple of years later that I'm really allergic to them, but by then we were too attached. I just live with it.

Cassie said...

How sweet.Marvin is obviously a true manly cat.What a darling picure: A man & his beast. ps-The first official date Patrick & I had was to the musical CATS.

Dawnie said...

that picture says it all dosnt it? i bet all our husbands are like this..i know mine is. these "macho" men, LOVE their fur children..I know when our dog was sick last year, my husband's heart was broken. he was adamant about helping her fight for her life. when i saw how committed he was to her fight--i never again had to ask if he loved genie.

Dorothy said...

Hi Shelley,
Looks like you have a handsome hubby and contented kitty! I bet Kitty is thinking how tasty those birds would be!!! Most men don't want to admit that they like cats! Isn't that strange????

April said...

Now, if that isn't a match made in Heaven, I don't know what is!!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

That pic is just adorable and I'm sure he does the salsa just
Have a great evening.

min hus said...

Hehe. There's something about guys who are good to animals that just melts ya, eh?

My boyfriend has always been a cat man, but it's funny to see him playing hide and seek with his cat, or fetch with mine, or covering up the older kitty in case he's cold.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I love this post and picture, Shelley. Men are so funny!!!! They sometimes don't want to show their 'feminine' side, do they???? I'm so glad that Greg and Marvin are good buds!!!! The next thing you know, he'll want to go to the shelter and get another one!!!!!!


George said...

Cute post. Shelley, are you sure Marvin is YOUR cat?

dAwN said...

well they do look like a content pair...just hanging out watchin the birdies..

MindyLew said...

Love the captured moment of a true manly bond!! Even though the snow makes beautiful pictures I still don't envy you!! I could never drive on those roads - I would have to be shut in for weeks.

Busy Bee Suz said...

this is so sweet. cats can be wonderful housemates...pets...friends.....
even for a manly man.
We have had some great cats in our past....sorry to say the 3 we have now are not so fab. but we still take care of them.
LOVE the picture. JUST perfect.
take care,

Anne said...

Now my husband wants a cabin cat too! =)

BTW I fixed my blog so now there's a 'follower' section and comments are allowed. I'm a new blogger and didn't realize it wasn't set to accept comments by default! Thanks for alerting me.

Anonymous said...

Men are so funny and so adorable with their pets. This is a great photo.

Powell River Books said...

My husband loves our cat even more than I do, and that is a lot. When my mother moved north from Southern California to Bellingham near the Canadian border to be near us, she got our cat as a companion. We get to be with our cat lots because we are with her much of the time, but he loves his new lady. Maybe it's because she is an unending source for food, scritches and love. -- Margy

Ginger said...

What a precious picture that is. I love the cat just lying there next to his chair.
My S.I.L. was the same way when my daughter wanted to get a poodle. He said it's just not a manly dog to take running. But she got her way, and now he loves the dog as much as her.

Heather said...

Very sweet, Shelley. And don't worry Greg, we don't think you're any less of a man because you love your sweet Marvin.

Anonymous said...

My hubby is 6'3" and a man's, man, but he's pure mush with Charli. It does warm your heart. Marvin and your hubby look so cute together watching the birds :>)

ByLightOfMoon said...

You post are so fun to read, just like being with you. Your husband and kitty are so contented to be quiet and watch, now, a puppy would be hopefully sitting in lap with them (I doubt it), just kidding, we have a 11 month old Golden Retriever puppy, only still with a chew bone! Yes, every log cabin needs animals and the more the merrier.

And, your Valentine displays are lovely! I love your cabin, smiles Cyndi

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a perfect match!! I love my cats, I just wish they showed as much appreciation to me like my labs do.

grammy said...

Love it. Have you heard that funny noise cats make while looking at birds. Mine did it even as a little bitty kitty. Sounds

The White Bench said...

Hi Shelley,
Love the pic of your hubby and (his) cat watching at the birds!!
It is so strange, I was having a look at the comments, and read one which drew my attention: my hubby and I had our very first official date to the musical CATS, too!!!
Stay cozy, and thanks for your comment- it made me smile... ;)
Monica x.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that Marvin has such a good friend to play with.

When we had cats, I was initiated as a member of the pride. We had a lot of fun playing and exploring the world together.

Constance said...

What a cute picture. It's like the 2 of them are thinking the same thing,
"I can't wait to go outside!"

My folks are down to just one cat and he's the same way. Pop is for wrestling and brushing, my Mom is for feeding him and loving him!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

What a cute pic! My hubby is a true cat should see him talking in his baby-talk voice to our kitties! He spends a lot of time every day playing with them and loving on them. And of course they adore him right back! LOL

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi Shelley,
First I want to say (& I hope you don't mind me saying) how young & beautiful you are !!!
I love Marvin !!
I'm sure your Greg is loving the cat !! Cats ,have a way of stealing your heart !
I had my cat/Josie for 17 years!
I have often wondered why,men always think ,they don't want a cat around !!
Love the picture !!
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

That is a cute picture! Seems like a peaceful moment. Is that a bird feeder on the deck? You seem to have a lot of birds close to home, how does Marvin like all those birds. The picture of the woodpecker was really so nice. I can not forget all the little Chickadees either. You are living in a winter wonderland.

Gardener's Garden said...

Shelley I can tell from the back of your husbands head that he's macho and that must be the attraction for Marvin. I find it amazing that your cat would be attracted to a man. Maybe he's hoping they will go hunting together! Lol!

Shellmo said...

Catherine - I think kitties have a way of converting the guys - lol! Sorry to hear you're allergic! My stepson is a little bit too - I use these kitty wipes on my cat that I found at the pet store to lessen the cat dander - etc.

Cassie - You should see Marvin when he wraps himself around my hubby's leg like he wants to wrestle him down to the floor - it's very cute! I've never seen "CATS" but always wanted to!

Dawnie - I think they all that soft side that animals can bring out. Is Genie the same cute dog in your photo?

Dorothy - my hubby will deny, deny, deny that he likes Marvin to his brothers and friends. He'll say "oh, he's okay." Then later on when they leave I hear "here kitty, kitty." LOL!!

April - that's what I keep telling him! lol! :)

Rondell - he actually is an excellent salsa dancer! Helps in his kitty wrestling skills - lol!

Min hus - sounds like your boyfriend definitely has an affinity for kitties! Awwww!

Hi Betsy - We hope Marvin will have a puppy to play with this spring! (This cat LOVES dogs!)

George - hmmm...I better make sure Marvin knows who's the head of the household! ha,ha!

Dawn - they sat there together for over an hour - it was so sweet!

MindyLew - I think I've become numb to bad driving conditions - have four wheel drive - will travel! ha,ha!

Busy Bee - I've had cats in my past - no 2 are ever alike! We lucked out w/ Marvin.

Anne - great! I'll be over to your blog again!

Jylync - just this morning my hubby was looking for him and was aksing "do you think he's sick" because he didn't come right away. LOL!

Margy - I think that's sweet how your kitty bonded w/ your mother - I'm sure she's smothering him w/ love! My mom is always spoiling our kitty!

Ginger - thank you! My kitty does love to be near my hubby!

Heather - when he saw the post this morning - he was like "oh I don't like him that much!" Ha,ha! I keep telling him it's okay to love the cat.

Charli - the bigger and manlier they are, the harder they fall! :)

Cyndi - I agree that the log cabin needs another animal! Golden Retrievers are so beautiful!!

Loagan- I think labs are just made for loving hard!!

Grammy - LOL! My kitty makes that "ka,ka,ka" sound too while watching the birdies!

Monica - I might have this photo framed and sneak it onto his desk at work - lol! A 2nd person seeing CATS? I must see this the next time its in my town!

Natural Moments - its interesting to me how the cat knows that my hubby will do the "manly" things w/ him. It's endearing.

Connie - it's funny how a cat knows who's good for what! Lol! That cat has never begged the hubby for food - just me!

Pam - lol at the baby talk! I caught my hubby doing that once when he was calling for Marvin. He didn't know I was home! LOL!

Sharon - you are too nice! I'm not young anymore!

Denise - we have bird feeders on the deck and around the property - we just love watching them!

AnnaSam said...

What a sweet sweet hubby! I love when they put that macho man aside for a second! But not for too long!! LOL It reminds us of the reasons we love them so much! have a blessed day!

Hot Belly Mama said...

I absolutely love this post. My husband is what we refer to as "giant" in my family. There is nobody more manly than him. It took me three years to convince him to get a cat... now we have eight. lol. I am actually sick of them most of the time and he babies them to no end.

Personally, I think he's more of a man because of it.

Kath said...

Love that picture!!
Love your post!!

"a picture is worth a thousand words" :)

have a great day, Shelley.

Shellmo said...

Juanita - well said! I just love this softer side of my "tough" hubby!

Hot belly - I still remember that photo you posted on your blog of your hubby carrying your big kitty! It was so sweet!!

Kath - thank you! I'm seriously thinking of framing this photo and sending copies to Greg's brothers. LOL!

This Country Girl said...

Oh how sweet that is....I mean manly that is! :) That looks like a great way for the two of them to spend a morning or afternoon!

Jason is the same way about our cats....I hear him in here talking to the cats, calling them "ladies"!

We were the same as you...cats fit our lifestyle much better for now. Our Bambi reminds me of you Marvin.

Have a great day!

Tami said...

What a lovely photo...I need to show it to Charlotte.

reliv4life said...

great picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shellmo said...

Tammy - LOL at your hubby calling the cats ladies! My hubby always says "where's that boy at?" ha,ha

Tami - I think this is one of my favorite photos now!

Michele - thank you! I love the meaning behind it for me!

Darla said...

What a great photo, don't you love those "tough guy" moments?

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

That photo is fabulous! It is the perfect photo to put in any animal shelter. That way, when the men say cats aren't manly someone can show them these two buddies!

Leedra said...

Love the photo of them together. Has he softened on the dog or horse yet?

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Shellmo said...

Darla - I do!! :)

Penny - you are so right! I think many men don't realize what a great pet a kitty can actually be!

Leedra - he's fine on the dog - though we've had debate on the type of dog. He wants a pointing dog - I want a Bernese. I'm pretty sure I'll prevail. :-0

joated said...

I just went through the 41 comments before this and didn't notice one from a guy! Does that say something about the readership here or about me in particular?

Nothing wrong with guys liking cats I currently have three. We had a different three in the distant past, too. And I brought all but one of those six home--often against my wife's complaints. (The one I didn't bring home was my daughter's who is not permitted to keep Julie with her at Grandma's.)

Yet, who does every single one of the cats cuddle up with? Not your's turely! No, they will shamelessly drape themselves all over Terry, the one who didn't really want them in the first place.

Me? If Terry's gone for a day or a week, they might crawl into my lap or cuddle next to me on the couch.

Sometimes I think I would rather own a dog than be owned by a cat.

Shellmo said...

Joated - thank goodness I have you as my token male reader!! I better start writing about more manly stuff I guess! Maybe I should let Greg start posting - lol!

Sandy said...

What a great photo of the two buddies wathing birds. Love it.