Friday, February 20, 2009

Holding the log cabin together

I love this log post in our cabin! I keep looking at it thinking we should carve something on it - but the hubby muttered something about this being "load bearing" and do I want the whole cabin to collapse. Can we paint it? No! (Sometimes I like to ask Greg questions I already know the answer to. It makes for a very fun day!)

We are going to watch the weather this morning and make sure there isn't a blizzard before we we try to drive up to the log cabin. If we are unable to make it up there, I will be sobbing uncontrollably. (Afterwards I will need to go shopping to BUY something for the log cabin cuz that will make me feel better.) What do you have planned this weekend? P.S. I will be having another giveaway soon! It's time!!


Naturegirl said...

Shelly interesting textures in the logs and I'm sure there is a woody scent living in a log cabin.Don't tamper with load bearing..yikes!
I will be packing up the SUV for our road trip to sunny Arizona..passing by your state Monday!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Shelley--I'm sure you will think of some special way to 'decorate' that pole!!!!!

Be careful driving up there. I did hear on TV that there is/was a blizzard in Northern Michigan...

We are heading to Knoxville (an hour or so east of us) today to do some shopping and get maintenance done on our car.

Have a safe trip--and let us know when you get there.

Hugs and Prayers,

Constance said...

I am currently in St Louis because we are celebrating our 2 youngest grand-daughter's birthdays tomorrow evening. Saturday morning we are having a baby shower for our oldest daughter Jennifer and 1st grandson-to-be! It has been a wonderful visit so far and I am completely enjoying myself! Sunday will be church and then flying back to Dallas that evening. So my weekend plans include a lot of fun!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Good Morning Shelly!

What an awesome home...I bet it does have a woody scent.

If you can't make there and go shopping be sure to show us what you bought for the log cabin:)

The White Bench said...

This weekend?... Mmm, let me think... I would love to re-upholster my studio chair, but I'd need hubby's help, and I'm not sure at all THIS was in his own plans!
Well, planting some pansies... that's for sure! I NEED Spring and warmer weather!!
Monica x.
P.S The dragonfly brooch is my fav, too!!:))

joated said...

"Sometimes I like to ask Greg questions I already know the answer to. It makes for a very fun day!"

Oh-HO! One of those types, heh?

About the wood. Yeah, looking at all that white pine (I assume yours is made of the same) can really be entertaining. All the variations in knots...the various checks that occur as the wood dries...the different shades of heart wood exposed in sawed planks and beams...the honeyed glow of the wood beneath the varethane finish.... Who needs TV?

(Not to nit-pick or anything, but "beams" are horizontal. "Posts" are vertical.)

Shellmo said...

Naturegirl - I feel like I have the outside - inside with me! Have a wonderful trip in Arizona!

Betsy - Have fun shopping in Knoxville! I have a feeling I'll be staying home this weekend...

Connie - have fun on your girls weekend!!!

Rondell - I think Easter decorations are on my list... :)

Monica - I have a feeling your weekend will be much more productive than mine!

Joated - posts! That's the word that was escaping me! Thank you! I modified my blog accordingly. I knew I needed an editor for this blog! The post has so many interesting knots - it's a beautiful piece of norway red pine!

April said...

I love it just as it is...I keep getting more jealous all the time! :) Hope you can make it there this weekend! Since my hubby has been gone since Monday and will be back this afternoon, we're going to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend at HOME!

Mom2-2goodboys said...

I know you will be able to decorate that pole without compromising the load bearing. Garland comes to mind. Changing the garland style with every season.

We are heading "north" just a bit tomorrow. Going to take 2goodboys skiing. Actually, going to try skiing lessons. Not sure if they will like it or not but we have to try. Hopefully we will have nice snow for that and not have dangerous driving conditions.

It's my brother's Birthday this weekend too and we plan on Going to Sagebrush Cantina in Lake Orion...mmmmm the best mexican food around!

Have a safe trip to the cabin this weekend.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

We have friends coming over for dinner on Saturday. I am making a big pot of Tuscan Bean soup. We will have a crisp salad and loaves of crusty bread. And a bottle or two of some great Beaujolais...

Have a fun weekend!

Carol said...

Another snow storm? It's going to be warm here in Ok. Have a wonderful weekend, hope you can go to the cabin! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Since I was on your side with the Valentine tree, I'll take Greg's side this time. Besides, it looks sorta vital to me (lol)!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

How about woodburning something into the pole to decorate it? Just this week I blogged about a pinechest I woodburned with a wolves, a bear and a buffalo.
Have a wonderful Day,

Cedar ... said...

I hope you can get to the cabin, I would never want to leave it! This weekend will be just hanging out at home as far as I know. I'm being very frugal so I'm not spending money on travels over this winter break from school. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Rule number 24 of living with a not get between him and a load bearing wall. :>)

I hope your weather is clear with zero blizzard possibilities. We're doing just the usual weekend things with a goal to finish one or two projects from our never ending list of things to do around the house. We're easily distracted.

Darla said...

That is a beautiful, LOAD bearing post. You always come up with something spectacular in your decorating. Hope you have decent weather for your trip, if not, go shopping like you said. I like to lovingly aggravate my husband too!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh you are pushing his buttons LOL. Just try setting a can of pink paint on the counter and ask if he likes what you've chosen?

74WIXYgrad said...

I hope to have some quality time with my lovely wife. She needs it.

John Poole said...

Pine boughs decorating the post come to mind...but I am a lousy decorator, so don't go by my advice! I suppose I would just leave it the way it is.

I plan to do a lot of early, heavy-duty spring cleaning the next few weekends, so when spring actually arrives, I can spend more time outdoors!

Have a great weekend!

Cassie said...

You little you try to get Greg's goat?! he he.I hope you get up to your cabin. I know how you yearn to be there.

John Poole said...

Oh, yeah. I also wanted to say that I concur with those who advise against carving the post. You don't to be removing or cutting into the wood fibers on a load-bearing post! :-)

Jessica said...

Hope you make it to the cabin this weekend!

reliv4life said...

hi Shelley!! hope you got to go? It is good to be back, I missed you. We have a load bearing log kinda in the middle of our living area - kinda drives me crazy! I am always trying to decide what I should do with or to it!!

grammy said...

Husbands can be so predicable. Carve your initials (o: how can that be dangerous. I remember writing on the wall when i was very young...I wrote my sisters name. I thought that would be safe. I am 5 years younger than her. My hand writing was a dead give away!!!

Ginger said...

I hope the weather is clear so you can make it to the cabin. Do you ever get tired of the drive back and forth?
I don't have much planned this weekend, except for a little house cleaning and checking out a new store opening in town.

American Way Farm said...

Buying something always makes me feel better too. I call it "retail therapy". My weekend will be spent picking up more hay, working more on the barn to get the ewes settled in the lambing area before their expected due dates next week, 2 grandchildren are visiting, going to friend's house for dinner Saturday evening, church on Sunday. As usual, I won't have time to get into trouble. Life is good! -Sandy

George said...

We've heard about the blizzard warnings in Michigan and wondered if they were in the area of your cabin. I hope you can make it to the cabin because I hate the thought of you sobbing uncontrollably. But whatever you do, please be careful -- we don't want you to be stuck in a snow drift someplace!

Sandy said...

Beautiful photo and for the weekend, some yard work, I have got to get some yard work done, darn it! Hope you get to go up to the cabin.

Carol said...

Hi Shelley!
There's an award waiting for you, come by & check it out!


Dawn said...

i love the picture of the post that you love! i guess growing up with a cabinet maker for a dad has given me a love for wood... the textures, grains and knots! and this picture just shows it all off! hope you get to go to the cabin!! but shopping wouldn't be bad either!!

Karen said...

Oh Shelley. It is so pretty. I can imagine just sitting there for hours gazing at the logs. My friend has a log home in MT, and I love visiting, sitting in front of the fire looking at all the logs. If only they could talk!!

I would cry too!!! But ... shopping does pacify!
(he he he.)
Have a great trip if you get through!

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

You received an award from me in my latest post to my thoughts blog :)

country gal said...

Ooooh....carving something sounds could put ya'lls initials and the date or something.....=D

Love, Joy =D

Shellmo said...

April - I hope you have a wonderful weekend w/ your hubby!

Mom2 - be careful driving! hOpe the boys enjoy skiing!

Penny - I'll be right over! wink,wink!

Carol - I wasn't able to go...still sobbing... :)

Cam - I won't touch it but I like to think about it! ha,ha!

Tam - now that's a good idea! I need you to come around more often! :-)

Cedar - I only made it out of our house 3 miles today to do some shopping. It looks like it won't be till Thurs till I can get up there again. :(

JyLync - I will have to find something else in the cabin to mess with - LOL!

Darla - it is fun to tease the hubbies! Mine is so patient - nothing phases him - (but I try - ha,ha!)

Shabby - now that might send him into a panic! ha,ha!

Wixy - I'm so glad to hear that!!!

John - come next christmas - I should definitely wrap those pine boughs around it - thanks!

Cassie - I'm a stink that's stuck home! darn!

Jessica - thank you! We ended up staying home due to the weather warnings. So now I'm feeding my neglected "downstate" birds!

Michele - see Tam's idea above - I think it's great! Glad you're back in town!

Grammy - I can think of 20 fun things to carve into it - ha,ha!

Ginger - as long as we can make a long weekend of it - I don't get too tired of the drive. It's a little over 3 hours - a straight shot up the interstate. usually my hubby will take off work on Friday and we'll try to drive up on Thursday nights if he's not too busy.

Sandy - you have a lot of fun things packed into your weekend! I need you to start planning mine!

George - thank you for your concern! Betsy's too! We decided to play it safe and stay home this weekend.

Carol - thank you!

Dawn - I wish the hubby knew how to make things w/ wood - I've always admired that skill!

Sandy - have fun w/ the yardwork!

Karen - I love looking at my logs too - they still thrill me!

Gail said...

What a beautiful ceiling you have there Shelly. What about wrapping the pole with garland or something, makes me think of a maypole. grin.

This weekend? Planted up some tomato seedlings, made some herbal beads (rose and lavender)and starting a new quilt for our room.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do a thing with that post. It's beautiful as is. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.