Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Log Cabin Critters

One of the best parts of where our log cabin is located is seeing all the "critters" that we share our land with. The woods and lake provide a great habitat for wildlife. I still remember the thrill of seeing an eagle snatch a fish out of our lake this past summer. And seeing a coyote stroll nonchalantly across the frozen lake. Come meet a few of my friends.

This is "Baby" - my tame little baby squirrel. She runs right up to me on the deck and sits on her two legs waiting for me to give her some food. (Greg keeps saying I'm going to be sorry when she bites me and I have to get 200 rabies shots - but I'm willing to take the risk!)

From 2009_01_31

Of course I love these Black-capped Chickadees and love how some of them eat of our hands. They still seem to prefer to eat out of Greg's hands more. I don't know why. Maybe I need to sit down with them and explain who puts out all the bird feeders, refills them and takes photos of them to show everyone what supermodels they are.

This past weekend I got to see my first Common Redpoll. They are sweet and feisty little birds. It was fun to watch them battling the Pine Siskins for the thistle feeder.

From 2009_01_31

The sweet songs of a goldfinch warm my heart. They bring the promise of spring in my eyes.

From 2009_01_17

"I know I just woke up, but aren't I the cutest cabin critter of all?!"


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all of the "log cabin critters" pictures! I would love it too :)

April said...

What beautiful shots, Shelley, of some amazing little creatures! I don't think I've ever seen a black squirrel before...very neat!

This Country Girl said...

Baby is so cute! Greg sounds just like Jason. That's exactly what Jason would tell me...always being the cautious one about stuff like that! :)

But Marvin is the king of the critters, for sure!

Enjoyed your log cabin critters!

Have a great day!

Cedar ... said...

i haven't seen a redpoll here in the Adirondacks in at least 10 years. They must like your feeder better than mine! hee hee......

Connie said...

You are a lucky girl. I enjoyed your morning with you. Connie

Sharon said...

I love your critters. Mine have been a little on the large size as of late. Having to keep a close eye out for Teddy and Chesters sake. Sharon

Jen said...

Please put that little black squirrel in a box and send it to me. Thanks!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are almost right, Shelley. Marvin may think he's the most special of all of the log cabin visitors---but he's Number TWO... YOU, my friend, and Greg are NUMBER ONE.. If it weren't for you two, there'd be no log cabin there!!!!

I still would love to see a Redpoll someday. Wonder if they come down this far south??????

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

Your wildlife pictures are great!
We don't have black squirrels here in Oklahoma. After moving to Tulsa we put out bird feeders one winter and the raccoons ate most of it. When we lived on the lake squirrels ate most of our bird feed. I'd like to try again because we love birds!

George said...

I like all the critters you have visiting you, but I must admit I'm a little jealous that you have chickadees eating from your hands. We haven't been able to accomplish that.

Deb said...

What a beautiful, peaceful spot you have at the cabin. Your little baby squirrel is adorable. I agree that your sweet cat IS the cutest cabin critter of all :-)

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Beautiful photo's as usual - I too adore 'Baby' and would risk the rabies thing too - I think!
Keep warm and keep having fun.

John Poole said...

Hi Shelley,

I really liked the photo of "Baby". I was just reading a little while ago about black squirrels, which seem to be indigenous to the midwest. I've never seen one here in New England; only grays and an occasional white. Here's a link to the article I had read.

Also, a few weeks ago, we had a squirrel invasion at the house. In retrospect, it was an amusing situation, although it didn't seem so funny at the time. Of course, I wrote about it (I write about everything), and it's posted here if you want to have a look. The squirrel mug shots are actually pretty funny! Like they knew they'd had a good run, but now the jig was up.

Thanks for the nice photos!
- John

City Mouse said...

They're all beautiful, but that black squirrel is just stunning. Really beautiful. Your photos are always so good!

Dawnie said...

your photos are great. I love all of gods creatures. it would be amazing to have a squirrel eat out of your hands. mine run as soon as i open the patio door but they sit and watch in the distance. they make a huge mess on our deck.

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Shelley ~~ Love all your critter friends..thanks for sharing such beautiful pics with us. Tell Greg you would spend more time indoors and out of harms way of squirrel bites, if you had that special "little dog" you have been wanting. lol Hey my motto is keep trying till you wear them down. :-)
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Shellmo said...

Cam - glad you liked my critters!

April - I only see the black squirrel in northern michigan so it's still a thrill for me to see them too!

Tammy - I can't resist "baby" - especially when she's peeking in our cabin windows looking for me!

Cedar - I'll send one over to you! :-)

Connie - glad you spent your morning w/ me! Next time I'll make coffee!

Sharon - watch out for those large critters!! :-0

Jen - if you send me that wabbit!

Betsy - I'll have to check the cornell site and see if those redpolls come your way! Otherwise now I need to bring snowballs and the redpolls to ya!! Hugs!

Carol - hope you get to feed the birds again and enjoy their company!

George - The chickadees are so naturally curious - it just takes a little patience!

Deb - Marvin thanks you and would like to sit on your lap!

Molly - I keep telling my husband I just don't think "Baby" will bite the hand that feeds her! :-)

Hi John - thanks for the links - I'm going to check it out!

City Mouse - thank you so much!!!

Dawnie - I'm a softheart for just about any animal!

connie - you give great advice!!!

Heli gunner Tom said...

I used to take my kids/ family camping up North near Baraboo, WI when they were young, fishing and hunting. The mosquitoes were savage but we coped. I lived in a tent in Vietnam for 8 months of my first tour of duty over there-- does that count..lol?

Thank you for commenting on my: 'Tom's Journal.'
"Jesus is Lord."

Tom S

grammy said...

Such a cute little black squirrel. We don't have black ones here.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be awsome to share my home with so many amazing critters. To sit and have coffee and look out on the lake... well it would be like living in heaven. Thank you for giving us a peek. Your kitty is so sweet!

JANE said...

I absolutly love and am facinated by your baby squirrel!!

Anonymous said...

That little chickadee is way too cute. I love watching the squirrels and birds in our back yard and I'm sure you have a thousand more opportunities to see fun creatures at your cabin.

Marcia said...

I've been following your blog for awhile. You take beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Shellmo said...

Tom - thank you for coming by. Your service is honorable - I hope you have more peaceful days of camping. :-)

Grammy - They are friendly little things!

Charli - hope to have more critters to share w/ you this spring!

Jane - I have a little family that scampers about our property - they are so cute!

JyLync - I am looking forward to the Loons return most of all this spring!

Marcia - thank you for your kind comments! I appreciate them as well as your visit!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and that is amazing that they eat out of your hands! I would love that!

have a great day - Sarah

Kath said...

Hi Shelley-
Love your wild life ...log cabin critter pics! :)
Cute lil squirrel!

Enjoy your day!

Judy said...

I feel a little like you today, since we got an unexpected snowstorm last evening. I do not have any black squirrels to feed, although I found that fascinating. I never saw a squirrel like that. So, we both have the snow, I am just missing having the log cabin. I thought your photos were so good.

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I have never seen a black squirrel. All the squirrels in our yard are gray. I don't know what I would do if I saw a black squirrel. It would be shocking to say the least! Love the birds, they are so cute.

Catherine Holman said...

It's like watching a Disney movie and you are Snow White feeding all the animals of the kingdom! Just kidding.

Hot Belly Mama said...

so adorable! I love the squirrel! I bet your little cat loves the critters too.

country gal said...

Awww....My friend tamed a squirrel...but she took it in her house and took care of it for a little while...then she let it go. It rode on her remote control truck. I also love Gold Finches. We have lots of them in the summer. They always swarm on my Grandmamma's bird feeders.

Love, Joy =D

Shellmo said...

Sarah - It is very sweet when the chickadee latches his little bird claws on your thumb!

Kath - glad you like my friends! :)

Judy - thank you for the compliment on my photos!!

Denise - I even think the black squirrels personality is more rambunctious than the other squirrels!

Catherine - I actually like the comparison to snow white!! LOL!

Hot Belly - Marvin flattens himself against all the windows to watch the birdies!

Country Gal - I am laughing picturing a squirrel in a remote control truck! Very funny!

Back in the Day said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I loved meeting all of your critters! I found your blog while surfing and am now a faithful follower!

yan said...

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Leedra said...

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