Monday, March 23, 2009

Log Cabin Critters

Even though Friday was off to a bad start due to all the cars stuck in the snow, we did have a lovely weekend at the log cabin. (And I'm more grateful than ever that our paved road is plowed!) The men did play paintball and I stayed out of the way. I spent time this weekend hiking and photographing the beauty of northern Michigan. I wanted to share some of my cabin critters from this past weekend, they bring me much peace and joy.

I still have those feisty pine siskins hanging around! They can empty a thistle feeder in less than 10 minutes.

My red squirrel likes to eat all the spilled birdseed off our deck. Aww!

Can you see my Chickadee singing? He was either singing for a mate or food - or Both! LOL!

Can you spot my junco in the tree? These birds usually don't leave until winter is officially over.

I hope you enjoyed today's cabin critters and that sunshine is headed your way!


George said...

You got some great pictures of your critters. I'm glad the weekend turned out so well after that bad start with cars stuck in the snow.

Ginger said...

I just love the birds you have in Michigan, and your pictures of them. The squirrel is cute too.
We got snow again last night, but most of it is gone already. Looking for warmer days by the end of the week.
Glad the guys had fun playing paintball and you were able to stay away from being their target.

Denise said...

Glad youir weekend turned out better than it started!!

Have a great day, Denise

Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures. You asked what I was going to do with the sea glass. For now just enjoy looking at it. I need to collect a lot more before I think of using it.LOL Sharon

reliv4life said...

glad you had a good weekend! we had snow this morning when we got up, no spring for us yet!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Shelley... Those siskins are so cute... I just wish I didn't have so many of them!!!! At least I haven't seen any sick ones. AND---I did tell George today that I think some of the siskins are GONE. Yeah-Rah...

Glad you had a wonderful weekend despite the car problems.

Screen Door said...

Gorgeous photos-- Rain in store for us today.

Sandi Keene said...

Love seeing your furry and feathered friends!

Kath said...

Hi Shelley,
I just love to see all your great critter pics! All your photos are so beautiful.
I hope SPRING arrives at the Cabin soon ;)
Glad you had a nice weekend.

Have a wonderful day!

Nan said...

Great photos!

Dawnie said...

you know what? that chickadee was singing to YOU! thats right, he loves it when your at the cabin and he knows he's gonna get seeds and get his picture taken.

Cedar ... said...

The pine siskens are like that, I had them here this winter too. Haven't had them in about 10 years, hope it's another 10 years before they return. A pretty little bird, but little piggys!

Anonymous said...

What cute critters! No paintball splatches? :D

Anonymous said...

Those are some great photos of critters around the cabin. I need to fill my feeders so that the birds will hang around.

NCmountainwoman said...

Glad the bad start didn't mess up the weekend. I loved all the photographs...much better than paintball.

Jen said...

You are the Dr Doolittle of Michigan. :) great pictures.

April said...

Your photography is so inpiring, Shelley! Makes me feel like I'm right there in the middle of it all!

A New England Life said...

I'm sorry to hear you are still having snow. I think enough is enough of the white stuff. After all, it's supposed to be spring!

I wonder, do your siskins throw all the seed on the ground/deck like mine do? It's driving me crazy and I keep thinking maybe it's just the seed I bought is too cheap.

The Chickadee is singing for warmer weather if you ask me!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

That little chickadee is so adorable. We just want to eat, er, cuddle him! We want your snow Miss Shelley. We're snow dogs and we craves snow! Have a good week.
Hello to Marvin!
XO-BabyRocketDog & Hootie

PS-Please let your readers know today is the last day of our Spring Fling Give Away!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I personally hope that you spend many weekends this Spring and Summer, photographing. And my second wish is that you continue to share ALL of them with us. Your photography is AMAZING!!! My favorite...the Chickadee.

Anonymous said...

I'm always conflicted - I don't want the squirrels around the bird feeders, but I also like it when they visit! LOL

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing the pictures of all of your little critters ♥

Shellmo said...

George - thank you! Hoping the snow melts some more this week!

Ginger - I think we have some more snow coming this weekend - sigh!!

Denise -thank you - it certainly ended on a better note!

Sharon - your sea glass is so pretty!

Michele - I think your weather is similiar to Mich weather!

Betsy - I'm starting to hear siskins when I sleep! They are still driving me crazy - lol!

Screen Door - our sky is looking cloudy..

Sandi - hoping to get some more furry creatures - especially the coyote I saw earlier this year!

Kath - thank you for your spring wishes!!

Nan - thank you so much!

Dawnie - those chickadees are so darn spoiled!!

Cedar - piggies is right! lol!

Cam - they did the paintball at my in-laws place w/ strict instructions not to splat the sqirrels or birds! :)

Sarah - w/ spring coming - you should get some interesting birdy visitors! :-)

NC - I would much prefer water balloons or squirt guns - ha,ha!

Jen - I hope so!! LOL!

April - thank you!

New England - they are thistle tossers too - lol!!

Rocket & Hootie - marvin loves dogs (more than he loves other cats) so he would love to romp in the snow with you!

Judy - you are so sweet to say that! I'm looking forward to spring & summer so I can add some "warmer" photos to my nature store!

Smallpines - you have to admit - the squirrels can be pretty amusing to watch! :)

Charli - marvin & i love them too!!

Winifred said...

Those photos are wonderful. Nice it all turned out OK in the end.

grammy said...

Cute little critters. Glad you had fun hiking and don't have to suffer from bruises from paint ball. The time my fair skinned daughter played she had bruises for weeks (o:

Leedra said...

Glad the whole weekend was not bad. I am so glad our cold is basically gone, no snow here. Rain for the next few days, but it is still suppose to stay in the 50s.

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JANE said...

I LOVE your pictures and promise not to share how warm it is here!

I'm still trying to pinpoint the owl we keep hearing in the woods!

Powell River Books said...

Great critters! It is amazing that we see so few critters at our cabin, probably they don't like leaving their hillside homes to come near the shore. I did get some goose and duck pictures. I'm waiting for the swallows. There were here this time last year, but everything seems to be a few weeks late this time around. - Margy

MindyLew said...

Enjoyed looking at all your wonderful captured moments of the birdies. I love how you captured all the birds details - you can even see their personalities - Great Job!! :)

This Country Girl said...

Those are some great photos of your critter friends, Shelley! I'm glad you all had a wonderful weekend after the start!


Anne said...

Do you take (friendly) bets on when the ice goes out in your lake? One of our local lakes puts a chair on the ice and the ice is 'out' when the chair falls through. On our lake, we consider the ice 'out' when you can get to every dock by boat. Not for a while yet!!

No snow on the ground after a warm day yesterday, though! =)

Sandy said...

that pine siskin photo is GREAT.