Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Happenings at the Log Cabin

Random happenings from the Log Cabin....
  • Marvin is going to have to get off that guest bed cuz I have guests coming this weekend. (Though Marvin is acting bewildered and said he thought it was HIS room!
  • I just found out I'm #11 on the waiting list for my Bernese Mountain Dog. Looks like I should have a puppy by this summer...
  • Did I tell you my neighbor has 2 goats?! I'll have to get photos. Greg said for me not get any ideas.
  • It's suppose to snow this Saturday. Not good news for my brother-in-law whose car is still stuck down that 2 track road.....
  • I'm going to be featured in 'Country's Best Log Homes' summer issue where they talk to owners of "small" log homes.
  • My mom says my posts on my blog are too long and I talk too much - what do you think? P.S. She is the QUEEN of talking too much. Okay - sorry mom! :-)
  • My #1 favorite blog (besides YOURS) is Chickens in the Road. I"m afraid to tell you this - cuz once you go there, you may never come back to my blog. Anyways - this lady is my idol - she has goats, chickens, cats, a big dog AND she is funny, a published writer, good cook and craftmaker. I want to be like her when I grow up!

What is your favorite blog?


Kath said...

Hi Shelley!

I LOVE that bedding, I take it Marvin does too?!
Oh I can't wait till you get your pup! I've always loved Bernese Mounties!!!
(don't laugh) but I took this silly test one time, you answered questions about youself, and it figured out by your answers, what BREED of dog you would be...[if you were a dog]...LOL...guess what breed I am...I'm a Bernese Mounty!!
...and I'm PROUD of it! :)
I don't think you talk too much, and my favorite blog is YOURS!! :)
(see how LOYAL and willing to please a Bernese is?) LOL!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Congrats on being in the magazine how exciting for you! I'll have to stop over at your favorite blog too!

My favs? Just to many to list...I spend way to much time on this computer that's how many I have:)

Dawn said...

loved your random thoughts today... made me laugh about your brother-in-law's truck (sorry!)... and i disagree about the long posts... sometimes they are just not long enough! make sure you let us know what issue you'll be in so i can race out and get it :)

favorite blog? oh, i just can't... i love that each is unique, as someone has created a spot that is a window to who they are :)

Cindy said...

Congrats on the magazine!! Woohoo, exciting news!

Poor Marvin......... I take it his feelings weren't taken into account when building the log cabin :) LOL!

Besides yours :), CiR is my absolute favorite blog! I love Suzanne!! I saw you on the comments this morning, saying you posted about her blog, clicked on your name, and voila, I knew you! LOL!! I want all those animals she has, but I can only have chickens!

No, you don't talk too much!! Many times you just have a pic!!

Jen said...

I won't be using your guest room this weekend...I have other plans. ;)
Congrats on all your news! well, not the part about more snow.

Eric said...

Have you ever tried to make Goat Cheese? Talk with your neighbors and try to get some milk.

Cedar ... said...

Wow, congrats on the magazine article,.. way to GO! No, I don't think your posts are too long,.. I always look forward to spending time with you Shelley!

Anonymous said...

Marvin looks very content there. Congrats on the magazine, and I hope that you get a puppy! Regarding talking too much, whether it is true or not, you would be entitled as it's your blog (one of my faves ;) I also like because, week after week, they leave CVS with 50 bucks worth of stuff for a few dollars. It's like a rush LOL

Carol said...

I'll have to pay a visit to Chickens in the Road! There are so many blogs I enjoy I couldn't possibly pick a favorite! That would be like trying to pick my favorite kind of chocolate!! LOL


Dawnie said...

congrats on being in the magazine! tell marvin i'll share the bed with him when i arrive later today!

SNOW--oh man I'm so sad by this news. Us to..saturday night.

Screen Door said...

We're having snow flurries right now. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. I'm kicking around knocking off work a couple hours early to get the chores done, so I'll have more play time this weekend. I knew that cabin of yours needed to pup.... I never think the posts are too long. People have enough reality in their own lives... it's nice to read about a friend. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different place? That's what reading a web journal is like for me. An inspiration....

wendy said...

I love reading your blog posts. I do not think they are too long!
Tell your mom not to go to my blog if she thinks yours is too long. Oh wait a min. why don't you tell her to go to my blog then maybe she will think better of your nice short posts, LOL.

Mimi said...

You don't talk too much. Same thing my kids tell me but my friends don't mind and I bet Marvin doesn't, either. Congrats on the magazine article. Can't wait to see it.

Snow? I woke up to more this morning up here at the Soo.

Constance said...

You mean besides yours? Wink, wink!

It would have to be Beth Moore's Living Proof blog. I require a daily does of Miss Beth to keep my perspectives in order and my heart turned towards God.

It's been a long and tiring week, back to work. Granted, it's part time but it is still exhausting!

Enjoy your weekend! I can't wait to have our own cabin! It's still a bit down the road, Dave's got to retire first! 6 more years!

reliv4life said...

My favorite blog is
she is a hoot! she is on a ranch in oklahoma - when you go on there, she has seperate sections for cooking, homeschooling, and just everyday life.
NO I do not think you talk too much!

Shellmo said...

Hi Kath - I got that quilt bedding at target - can you believe it?! LOL on the Bernese Mountie test - I knew there was a reason I liked you!! :-)

Rondell - my list has grown so long too so I feel your pain!

Dawn - you are right about so many unique blogs. I love the world that has opened up to me thru other's blogs.

Cindy - isn't Suzanne the best?! I wish she were my neighbor. But then I would be classified as a stalker - ha,ha!

Jen - I was planning on putting you in the loft - Ha!

Eric - I haven't but I LOVE goat cheese! I must go back and talk to my neighbor...

Cedar - thank you!! You are so sweet.

Cam - thanks! I'm going to go check out that blog!!

Carol - you are right!

Dawnie - Marvin says okay, but please bring him some cat nip!

Screen Door - It is fun to visit bloggy people from other states/countries! Can't believe you have snow flurries - ugh!

Wendy - I will send her right over. besides - she should meet my "sister" - ha,ha!!

Hi Mimi - Marvin does liked being talked to LOL!!

Constance said...

Thanks for the visit! I made a pot of Chicken Noodle Soup in my new crock pot! It was Yummy! A friend of mine gave me this website! I'll never live long enough to try all of these! ha ha!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Shelley, I love Chickens in the Road too and have to blame Suzanne for getting me in so much trouble. You see, when Hubby and I move out west and have some acreage, he wants to have a Black Lab. Me? I want a small herd of goats, some chickens, and a little lamb. You know we already have seven cats, so Hubby is SO not happy with me when I say, "Come to the computer, I want to show you the CUTEST picture..." LOL

It's all Suzanne's fault...

Just a little something from Judy said...

This one time, please do not listen to your mother. I always like visiting your blog and I NEVER think that you talk too much. I did wonder if Marvin will take kindly to the guests sleeping on HIS bed? Hope you all have a fun weekend together...snow, or no snow. Oh, I would vote for you to be in any log cabin magazine. Congratulations!!!

The Retired One said...

Your posts are short compared to some of mine..loosen up MOM! Blogging is freedom, you can write what you want, as much as you want and the readers can read what they want...that is what makes it so cool.
I will stop by your recommended blog to read, it will be fun to explore another site.
It is snowing as I type this in Michigamme...a light, slow snow, but still snow. (*sigh*)
I, too, couldn't possibly pick a favorite blog...they are all so different and lovely.
I tend to prefer the no-ad ones, and love the photography and humor ones...

Ginger said...

Hi Shelley:
I didn't know you were going to get a dog...last I heard you were trying to talk Greg into it. I am so excited for you.
As far as talking to much (my daughter tells me that all the time) no, I don't think you talk to much. In fact, I think your blogs should be longer. lol. I love hearing about the cabin and everything going on.
Have fun this weekend.

John Poole said...

Once upon a time, as a guest in someone's home, I had no choice but to allow the house cat to sleep on the guest bed with me. She wouldn't leave, and no one was going to remove her. I didn't really care all that much...until about 3AM when she started with this very loud kitty snoring! (if that's what you call it).

Congratulations on the magazine article! I will definitely make sure to get a copy when it's published.

grammy said...

I don't think you have long blogs at all....some are very short as a matter of fact. So is that a big dog? Fun. I already read Chickens in the road. I think she is a funny mix...writer...cook...farmer...mother (o:

Winifred said...

Marvin is one handsome cat. Hope he's not too jealous of a puppy.

Love the bedding!

I like your blogs, don't think they are too long. Congratulations on being in the magazine.

Leedra said...

Congrats on the mag interview/article. You will do great, just like before. You don't talk to much, there are blogs that do talk too much, but not you. Favorite blog? Mine of course :), really it would be hard to pick a favorite. You are at the top of the list.

Leedra’s Photos For Fun

Leedra’s Greeting Cards

Photography By Leedra

Small Pines said...

Oh boy - so many favorites. I'm going to go with visuals here -

And if you love goats, you must visit my dear friend Peggy at -

She's Wild Bill's wife, where our jeep is right now! LOL

NCmountainwoman said...

Poor Marvin. First he loses his bedroom and now he hears a puppy is coming. Bernese is a great choice. They are wonderful dogs.

Great news about the magazine.

American Way Farm said...

Hey Shelley - Congratulations on being in "Country's Best Log Homes". Will have to watch for it this summer. And no, you don't talk too much. Mom's are just supposed to say stuff like that, it gives them something to do. -Sandy

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I always enjoy your posts and I don' think they are too long at all! Marvin does look a little upset that he has to give up his bed!

Congrats on the magazine feature!

JANE said...

Girl your posts are never too long!! Tell her to come on down to see me in Tn for some long and SLOW, that'll make her crazy, LOL!!

We were looking at a Bernese rescue online the other day but now son #1 wants a weimeramer which I can't even spell!

Can't wait for the mag, will it feature Marvin also??

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being featured! Oh I'm so excited to hear all about your dog. It will have a logt to live up to because Marvin rules LOL I love all of your posts and that's why I keep coming back ♥ I hope you have a great weekend!

country gal said...

I can't wait until you get that puppy!!!!!!! I can't choose what blog I like best...I like 'em all!!!!!!

Love, Joy =D

Sandy said...

I have so many faves and yours is one of them. But because I have three blogs, I also have three separate group of blogs I visit...keeps me busy.

Loved reading what was going on and your guest room looks so darn inviting.

Now I'm off to visit that blog you mentioned. I you don't see me again, you'll know why, ha.

Deb said...

How exciting that you will be getting your pup this Spring!! Bernese Mountain Dogs are gorgeous - our Ben used to play with a BM dog at the park (the only other dog close to Ben's size) :-). Congratulations on being in "Country's Best Log Homes"!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the puppy and the magazine article. I love your blog and your posts are always just right.

George said...

It sounds as if you're going to have a very interesting few weeks ahead. What does Marvin think of a dog joining the family?

Jenny said...

Honestly, if blogs are too long I skim. But, I have to say this....coming from someone who does not like unsolicited advice....Who's your mother telling you what she thinks? Unless you asked her she should mind her own

Seriously now :)