Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Log Cabin Anniversary Photos

I'm still reflecting on my log cabin construction memories from a year ago! My biggest memory was of all the snow and the poor crew shoveling constantly. In the beginning they had to build a bonfire to keep warm until they could get the heat installed. We have a full log home but put a half log wall on the lake side to provide extra insulation due to all the windows on this wall and the inevitable cold that would blow up from the lake. Here are some photos from when the crew was working on the interior:

Here we were still waiting on the windows to be delivered.

Framing the interior walls on the main floor.

Our log staircase was installed. It's one of my most favorite items in our log home.

I'm probably sitting here cuz none of the construction crew will let me use their tools and help. Ha! Ha!

I think I could climb that scaffolding....

Framing the kitchen cupboards.

One of our bedrooms.

Our view from the master bedroom.

Randy our GC and builder is a big guy - about 6"4. It was amazing to us how he could swing around so easily on the scaffolding and reach those touch spots. I'm pretty sure he could carry a tree with one hand. Seriously!

Our maple hardwood floor that our builder got a good deal for us on. He had all the right connections.

My Loon bathroom which is located in the basement.

6 panel doors in the bedrooms.

I'll post the last of these tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed looking back with me!


Dawnie said...

very beautiful, I bet its a sweet time of year for you guys, with all the memories.

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful. I especially love the stair way and the six panel doors. You must have been so excited watching everything go up. Thank you for sharing with us. Please tell Marvin we said hello :>)

Cedar ... said...

I got here late to the party,..I didn't realize your log home was only a year old! The construction shots are a great story!

Ginger said...

It's really amazing how it went together. Are the logs stained or just left natural? Are you on a septic tank and a well?
It's really a nice looking log cabin.

JANE said...

Girl I love that staircase too! I need one for our basement, can I borrow your's??!!

This Country Girl said...


I can just imagine how excited you were to see your log cabin coming up! I do love the staircase too!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love it, Shelley... I know that was such an incredible experience for you. I'll bet you CRIED the first night you got to spend the night in it... I would!!!!!

It's just so beautiful.. You two did such a great job in your choosing of everything in the log cabin.

What would you change now that you didn't think of before????

Thanks again for sharing. I love seeing these.

Cassie said...

Shelley, This takes me back 4years to when our cabin was raised(Jan.2005). I love watching how these skilled guys make it look so easy. I'm sending you an email after I'm done here. Keep an eye out for it.

74WIXYgrad said...

Your expression was that of an expectant mother. My question is when did the deer head make it there?

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Loved the tour...beautiful home:)

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

You've come a long way, girl!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

How fun to be able to look back and see the log home getting built!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I do enjoy seeing all of these construction pictures. I just pretend that it is my log cabin that is being built. Seriously, I was wondering how long it took to construct the cabin? Did you look a long time for the plans that you both liked? Questions that go through my mind as I see these fun photos. I cannot figure out why they did not allow you to help in the constructing. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Constance said...

These are so wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane! One day this will be Dave and I and I can't wait! I'm looking forward to the rest of them!

It's hard to know what I enjoy the most! That maple flooring is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I like the natural color of the logs!

George said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. It was nice to see how the cabin was constructed. I also like your staircase -- and I think you were sitting there to keep an eye on every nail the crew pounded!

Karen said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! You had to be having just the best time in these shots! One day - I promise you - one day - hopefully soon - I will be sharing my pictures with you. (sigh)
Keep the pictures coming. I need like a weekly dose!
You are one very, very lucky gal!
Hugs! Karen

Catherine Holman said...

Congrats on your one year log cabin anniversary! I love seeing the photos of the progression of the cabin. Wishing you a warm spring.

The White Bench said...

I love to see the befores and afters... your log cabin is just fantastic! And your land too...
P.S.Thank you!

Connie said...

How exciting to look back and the memories it all brings. Your property is beautiful and the cabin is gorgeous. Love living through you at the cabin. Connie

Leedra said...

I like the half log steps and the loon bathroom. Building is so interesting.

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Shellmo said...

Dawnie - now we just have to concentrate on landscaping! LOL!

Charli - It was fun watching it go up and seemed like "move in" day would never get here. Marvin says hello!!

Cedar - One year going strong! :)

Hi Ginger - Outside the logs are stained a medium red-tone brown - I'll post a photo. We finished the interior w/ a symphony color - almost natural looking but enough to add a gloss. We do have a septic tank and well.

Jane - yes - everyone should have a log staircase! LOL!

Country girl - it looked so much better after it was sanded and stained! :)

Betsy - I cry when I leave the cabin now - LOL!!! A couple things I would change - I would've gone a little bit bigger (but I was so concerned at the time about sticking to a budget) and maybe I would've put dormer up in the loft area to extend the size and to allow for another bathroom.

Cassie - Your cabin is still fairly new too! I got your email - I am just dying to get my hands on a bernese mountain dog ASAP!

Wixy - After the beds and appliances were in - the deer head magically appeared. :-)

Rondell - thank you! I have more finished photos to come! :)

Wendy - I sure have!! P.S. Did you get my package?

Penny - I remember at the time I thought it was taking forever - but really it all went very quickly! :-)

Judy - They completed the cabin in a 4 1/2 months! Pretty fast considering the weather! We chose a stock floor plan from our dealer and then made our own tweaks and modifications to it. We originally started w/ 1 plan - and then at the last moment switched to this one since it would give us more space at the same price.

Connie - I look forward to that day for you!!! :-)

Cam - The interior ended being stained a little darker - but I think it still looks close to natural.

George - Of course I thought my part time job was building inspector - LOL!!

Hi Karen - keep me posted! And remember - I"m a log home dealer....wink, wink!!! :-)

Catherine - thank you! P.S. It snowed several inches last night - I hope this is it! :-)

Monica - thank you!!

Connie - thank you - I'm just a log cabin nut! LOL!

Jen said...

Great memories!! Wasn't if really fun when you think back on it?

grammy said...

It is so beautiful. the wood is scrumptious. Does it still have a great wood smell?

American Way Farm said...

And didn't the wood smell terrific? I just love the wood smell when I'm building something. Don't know why they wouldn't let you use the power tools but I think you were smart to stay off the staging. -Sandy

Kath said...

What a beautiful log home, Shelley!
I love your staircase too, it's awesome.
I'll bet that was so exciting for you guys watching that go up!
Thanks for sharing :)
I'm off to see the rest of your pics now!


Anne said...

Shelley - you give me hope that our house will go from our 'before' pics (where we are now) to some 'after' pics! I'm showing The Husband your staircase pics, since we're currently *ahem* negotiating on stair design!