Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boats for the Cabin (and another dog photo!)

Part of the fun of having a log cabin on the lake is BEING in the lake. Greg's preference is a fishing boat (he is dreaming of a center console fishing boat but that is way too big for our little lake!) He has a drift boat which he loves to take out to all the lakes nearby.

Here he is fishing with my stepson. We have Blue Gill, Bass and Pike in our lake.

I love kayaking! It allows me to slip into nature quietly and observe wildlife without disturbing them too much. It serves as the perfect vehicle to find my Loons. There are many different designs to choose from. Greg likes his "sit on top" Kayak. I like being nestled low into mine. I have found the best prices for Kayaks at Dick's Sporting Goods. You just have to watch for the sales.

And now another gratuitous photo of my Bernese puppy dog! I can't wait to get her home! I have 4 more weeks to wait. We are still thinking of names. Since she is a Swiss Mountain Dog, I was trying to think of Swiss names. Or maybe something nature related. I may need your help so please feel free to throw suggestions out there!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

How about Heidi?

Meaning: Noble and kind. From the name Adelheid (See Adelaide), well known from Johanna Spyri's classic child
Gender: girl
Origin: Swiss


Sharon said...

She is soooooooooooooooooocute.Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly, It looks so peaceful on the lake. I can see why you and the hubby like it there so much. Your little girl is just adorable! I'm sure what ever name you choose it will be the right one for her ♥

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the picture of Greg and his perfect!
That baby is yummy...I love Heidi also.
Mia is pretty too.

April said...

I can't get over how cute your fur baby is! If I can come up with names, I'll be sure to pass them on. How big is she expected to get?

Cedar ... said...

That puppy is just toooo cute for words! As far as names go,.. I think they sort of just happen, and it needs to be something that is easy to call when you want her to come,.. and easy to shorten if you are feeling affectionate... My cat is "Midnight".... so she's called, Middy, Mids, Midder, well as Sweetie-Girl!

Madison said...

I can't believe how pretty that dog is! Oh and thanks for telling us where you get your kayaks my mom has really wanting to get one!!! And for a name how about Maya I think thats a pretty name. But if you don't like it thats fine.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a beautiful paradise you have there Shelley!!!

Your little girl is so sweet, I guess the name will come when you get her home with you. My husbands dream was to have a yellow lab and name it Buster soooooo I let him have his dream but to me I call him Honey Bunny when I cuddle him and believe it or not he knows when I call him that I'm going to hug him:)

Dawn said...

boats & a puppy... lovely! she is pretty cute :) i love Heidi... but also Dara. but here's another that Marvin might like... Marina :)

Tami said...

Oh puppy love.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okay---here's some names for you to ponder, Shelley:
Isabelle (Isy or Belle)
Madeleine (Maddie)
Gabriella (Gaby)

I like Heidi also--listed above.

She's a cutie... Can't wait to see more of her!!!!! Can she fit in the Kayak with you??????


A. Joy said...

Love the pics on the lake and the puppy is soooo cute!!! Do you guys do much fishing on your lake and if so do you do much cooking and eating of the fish? We're off for a weekend of camping at the edge of a lake and fishing. Hopefully we'll be eating fish for dinner but will be packing some beef patties just in case!

This Country Girl said...

Oh Shelley...I saw the picture of your new baby on the avatar beside your name on my comment form and had to pop over here and say congratulations! I read the post below too! She is cute! The first name I thought of when I saw her too was Heidi! Yeah, Greg pretty much looks suckered already, but then who wouldn't be with that face?


Darla said...

the lake looks wonderful....cute puppy!!

Deb said...

Oh Shelley - she is adorable!! As soon as I saw her I thought of the name Heidi and then saw that Penny thought the same thing :-)
Looking forward to seeing lots more photos of your newest family member!

grammy said...

Puppy is so cute. You will enjoy her so much. I agree with Penny... Heidi is such a classic swiss name. My son just bought a fishing boat. More like a motor boat. Scares grammy to think of 4 girls on a boat (o:

The Retired One said...

You gotta have a naming contest!!
Lassie is already taken as a name. ha

reliv4life said...

oh my goodness that pup is cute! We worked so hard at a name - now it seems pretty insignificant, she is who she is no matter what you call her! have fun!!

Christy said...

She is beautiful. I like the name Brigette. But I also like the name Adelaide you could call her Adi for short. Although I was thinking Birdy would be a good name especially with your love of birds. So here I am throwing three different names at you. Hope they help with your hunt for a name.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I can see right now by these pictures, why you could not leave without her. She is absolutely adorable!! Love the pictures of the lake too. What a place to go and relax...especially with your newest addition.

Ginger said...

Hi Shelley:
The lake looks so calm and relaxing. I think the kayaking would be so much fun.
That little pup is just adorable. Will she have a formal name and then a everyday name? I always have a hard time coming up with names of pets...I usually have to look online for something.

George said...

Boats and dogs -- I don't think you could find a better combination for a log cabin on a lake.

Heather said...

Shelley, that puppeh is too doggone cute (excuse the pun!)!!!!! I'm so happy for you! As for kayaks, I'll take a sit-on-top, or sit-inside, but it just has to be stable, not all floppy and tippy!

Jen said...

Woo Hoo for the puppy! I am soooo excited for U!! :D

Shellmo said...

Penny - That is a nice name! Greg had actually mentioned that too - so we've put it on our list to consider! Thank you!! :)

Sharon - I love her to pieces!

Hi Charli - The lake is very peaceful and we're looking forward to the new puppy adding excitement! :0

Suz - Mia is a pretty name!!

April - she will be between 70-90 pounds once she's fully grown! I'll have a big girl - LOL!!

Cedar - I love the idea of nicknames off the original name too - thank you!

Madison - I like Maya too! Thanks!

Rondell - my dad's nickname is Buster - LOL!

Dawn - Dara and Marina are good too!!

Betsy - great elegant names - we'll have to add some of these to the list too!! She'll probably only fit in the kayak for the first couple months of her life. Then I'll need a big ole boat - loL!

A.Joy - we do a lot of fishing on our lake and neighboring lakes as well - the hubby likes to explore. He does mostly catch & release. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!!

Tammy - if you could've seen my hubby's face once that puppy was kissing him - you would've laughed. He was in love!

Darla - I know have a big dog to trample my flowers - ha,ha!

Deb - I agree - I like Heidi too!

Grammy - I hope you get a ride on your son's fishing boat!!!

Retired One - LOL on Lassie!! I was thinking about another giveaway...

Michele - I want to stick to a 1 or 2 syllable name like you did so its easier for training. Can't wait to get that puppy home!!

Christy - I like all of those - thank you! I've always like the name Adelaide.

Judy - it was hard to leave her! I'm going to visit her again next week! Can't wait!

Ginger - We're still stumped on the names - we're so wishy washy - ha,ha!

George - I agree!

Heather - I KNEW you would like my puppeh!! LOL!! :-)

Cassie said...

Seems that Heidi is the first thing that comes to mind for all of us! She is sooooo cute. She'll grow by leaps and bounds,so take plenty of pictures to remember when she was small. he he.

I'm going to a kiyak thingy where you can try them out next Saturday down in Sandpoint. What would you recommend? I'm kind of chunky, so need something that will hold my chub! It's an outdoor outfitter having the demos, but I'll look at Dick's in Spokane probably if it's worth the extra milage to get it a lot cheaper. Answer on my blog okay?! Thx. X-C

Karen said...

YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! (See what ya miss when you go away for a weekend? All the good stuff!!)