Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More of my Bernese Puppy

First off I will admit, I am just an animal nut. I love dogs, cats, wildlife, a little ladybug, birds - you name it! (Well, there's a few I don't like: snakes, spiders & alligators!) Anyways, I am so excited for this puppy and I AM A COMPLETE DORK so I made this You Tube Video below. Yep, I'm crazy! Bear with me!


This DVM's Wife's Life said...

How cute is that. You are as neurotic as I am about animals. I wish I could make it over to Gaylord this weekend to meet you at the craft show you are attending! Next time I'm over that way I'll have to let you know.
Congrats on that puppy. Fun times ahead!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh Shelley, your love of animals is something I so understand! I feel the same way! I love the video of your soon to be addition and can feel the excitement you are experiencing while you wait! Sweet!

Star said...

I understand you too. I would feel just the same and did when I got my little kitten, Millie. She's two years old now. I have other 'stray' animals that come and go in my life. They are adorable, all of them.
Blessings, Star

NCmountainwoman said...

I know that is the right puppy for you! How wonderful and exciting.

Sandi Keene said...

Love it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am a complete dork too, cause I love the pictures. SHE is yummy.

Cedar ... said...

I'm at work right now but will watch that video as soon as i get home. He's such a cutie!

Deb said...

I completely understand a love of animals :-) I was telling my daughter about your new little soon to be puppy addition and when I told her your name was Shelley and you were getting a Bernese and were contemplating names for her, Kate said "How about Shelby"? which was a name we were contemplating calling her :-)
(I'll have to watch your video on my son's computer later today as mine won't open it)I'm sure it's adorable!

April said...

I must be a dork, too, because that brought tears to my eyes...PURE LOVE!

Karen said...

You gotta be just going nuts. I HATE the waiting!! It feels like you are missing so much of their puppyhood! But sooner than you think, he'll be cuddled up next to you on the deck of your cabin enjoying the sunset. And loving you unconditionally!
Very very fun. Did I miss it? Is it a boy or a girl?
HUGS! Karen

Karen said...

You are so funny.
I took the music paper, and it is soooo old, it literally tore as I folded it. Cut out scrap paper for the other 1/2, glued them all in place and then put glitter mod-podge over it all. It shimmers. It looked much better in person. I was just kind of stumped with the color black! I think the one she did for me turned out much better because the colors were so much prettier. But - to each their own.
It didn't cost much. The charms were the most expensive thing. Probably $12 total because i had so much of the supplies already on hand.
It was a really fun project! It was fun to see how everyone's turned out.
HAGD! Karen

Jane In The Jungle said...

I am soooooo over the top excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!! From one animal lover, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 4 kids, to another!!!!

Oh yeah, YAY GREG!!

Sharon said...

Shelley grab a blanket and a pillow and go stand at these peoples door. I am sure they will let you stay with the puppy until you can bring her home. I know how you feel! Exactly!!!! She is so cute. Sharon PS Thanks for the video on the loons.

Powell River Books said...

I haven't had a puppy since I was a little girl, but have had a few baby kitten in later life. Its fun to watch them grow up as a part of the family. My cat is now about 15 so it has been a long time for me. Enjoy! - Margy

reliv4life said...

LOL! I remember those weeks of waiting for Bella to come home - it was so hard - now that she is here time is flying by - she is 11 weeks old now, I can't believe it!

This Country Girl said...

How precious she is! I can just feel your excitement, Shelley! June 27th is the big day! :)


Just a little something from Judy said...

All I can say, is your puppy is one lucky puppy, to have found a place in your heart and home. So is you are a "dork", we all like dorks, and we all totally understand.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

She is precious, Shelley.. Have you named her yet????? You may need to wait and see her personality first...


Bobbi Jo said...

I am so happy for you! Loved the video. This is my 3rd daughters favorite kind of dog. Enjoy your sweet little puppy. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

The Retired One said...

That is going to be one lucky puppy!

You know what they say...you don't pick your animals, they pick YOU.

I think it will be a match in heaven.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

SWEET--- Best of luck, they grow up so fast before you know it...she will be a full grown dog!..For her name how about YODEL-
Which is Joyous in Nature!

Heather said...

Shelley, you're not a dork, just a proud dog owner-to-be! She is absolutely precious. I'm happy to see that she will be at home with you by the time we vacation up there in July - I look forward to seeing her in person. Now the question is, how with Marvin take to having a dog in the house?

George said...

You may be a dork, but the video is just too cute.

Anonymous said...

Awwww..... Charli and I are in love with your little puppy too ♥ She is so cute. I just love the video you made..... sigh.....

Jen said...

Arf! :D

country gal said...

My mom got the video to work, even though I didn't, so I got to see her, and I would be a complete DORK, if I were getting a dog that cute, too, so, don't feel to bad. lol!!!!

Love, Joy =D

Shellmo said...

DVM - Awww...I wish you could've come to the Gaylord show too. I'm doing a couple more of their shows this summer.

Coralie - Glad you liked the video - I think I inherited my love of animals gene - my parents, grandparents and uncles are all pet crazy too - loL!

Star - There is something so precious about a little kitty or puppy and then bonding w/ them! :)

NC - Every since I saw a show on the Bernese Mtn dog on Animal Planet several years ago, I KNEW this was my dog! :)

Sandi - thank you!

Busy Bee - glad to have a fellow dork around! :-)

Cedar - I get to visit her again on Monday - I'm counting down the days!

Deb - I've always loved that name Shelby! Some of my friends would call me that when I was younger!

Hi Karen - it's a girl! And yes, I'm going crazy waiting!!

Jane- you have a FULL house - I know it must be tons of fun!!

Sharon - I have seriously thought about that! LOL!!

Margy - 15 years old is a long time for a kitty (though I did have one live to be 21!) I hope my kitty lives as long!

Michele - you'll have to do an update on your little cutie! Is she potty trained yet?

Tammy - I feel like I'm pregnant and expecting a baby - lol!

Judy - I glad you understand! My hubby keeps shaking his head and laughing - saying that I'm going to spoil that puppy worse than the cat!

Betsy - we made a list of names...I may have to post for a vote!

Bobbi Jo - thank you! And tell your daughter she has good taste!

Retired One - you're right about that! Though I did feel like the puppy chose Greg when it started licking him! (She was biting me - ha,ha!)

Dixie - thank you and YODEL is cute! The Bernese are said to have a little bit of the yodel capability in them - ha,ha!

heather - Marvin LOVES dogs! To the point that he prefers a dog to us! LOL!!

George -thank you!

Charli - so glad you and your mommy like the new PUP!!

jen - more like big WOOOF!! LOL!!

Ginger said...

With my slow diap up connection it won't let me watch videos darn it. But the still picture of your pup is so cute. I am a big animal lover too, so I completely understand your excitement.

Constance said...

Our daughter Jessica and her husband decided t get a Weimerimer (sp?) puppy not long after they got married. They found the breeder and put their name on the list and waited... They finally got ZEUS and he was such a cute little guy. he's now about 100 pounds and finally growing out of the puppy stage. He's fiercely protective over Jessica and Jelly Bean our grand-daughter. The other night he was sleeping on Jelly bean's day bed and Jessica got on to her because he's not allowed on her bed; so Jelly Bean asked if he could sleep on the trundle underneath her bed?! Talk about a dog bed upgrade! Ha Ha!

dogzoom said...

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