Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Log Cabin Cat

Do you think my cat Marvin loves our log cabin? This cat loves to spring out at us and peek at us from high places. I think our cat prefers the log cabin to our regular home - all the new sights and sounds. He's definitely seeing a lot more interesting birds. And those variety of squirrels - black, red and grey. He's invited them in to play but so far no one has accepted his offer.

If Marvin finds any object in the loft, he immediately slides it across the loft floor and pushes it to fall on the first story. Objects have included my stepson's little cars and army men. We have learned to look up when Marvin is above us!

Marvin likes to rub his paws on this beam to show us what he could do if he had front claws!


Catherine Holman said...

I have painted a couple of cabins before but it's been a while. I may try another this fall.

Beautiful cabin and what a darling cat! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Brandi said...

Your Marvin makes me miss my cat. We had to give her away because she was jealous of our granddaughter and didn't mind showing it.

What did you decided to do with the fox? How dows Marvin like him? lol

Sandy said...

That is funny, watch out below!

reliv4life said...

I have said it before, but I will say it again - log houses are the perfect homes for cats! So, does marvin come back and forth with you guys from the houses?

Shellmo said...

Catherine - thank you for visiting. Your paintings are beautiful!!

Brandi - Aww - too bad about your kitty! The fox is still in the box...

Sandy- that is the most correct statement - ha!

Reliv - he does. It's about a 3 hour ride and he's a great traveler in the car!

Bobbi said...

Your cat looks like one of mine - Uncle Earl we call him. I bet he loves all that wood and high places!

Jen said...

Glad to hear Marvin adjusted so well.
He probably feels like he's on top of the world up in that loft. Cats generally like to look down on people anyway I think. *wink*

violetlady said...

Great pics of Marvin! One of my cats is always knocking these off counters.
I have given you an award. Check out my blog to see it! Congrats!

Jennifer Robin said...

Every log cabin needs a kitty, and I'd say Marvin sounds purrfect!

Shellmo said...

Bobbi - the higher the better!

Jen - my cat is definitely the boss of me!

Violetlady - you are too kind, thank you!

Jennifer - absolutely - cabins & cats!

Naturegirl said...

TOO cute and I must say it would be wonderful to see this big log up close and personal!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh yes... your Marvin and our Suzette look about the same size. Suzette weighs in at somewhere around 16 lbs. (I think) and is a big girl!

Marvin looks like he loves the log cabin a lot! How do you transport him there from your regular home? Just in a cat carrier? He must be a good traveler.