Friday, July 18, 2008

Things for kids to do at the Log Cabin

Sometimes it is the most simplest things that are the most fun to do for kids. Greg suggested to his son and cousins that they go looking for turtles and see what else they can find in the woods. It was funny to hear all their comments from our deck:

"Hey, is that a garter snake?"
"No, that's a stick."

"Where are those turtles hiding?"
"Maybe they're not."

"How many trees do you think it took to build that log cabin?"
"A million!"

**P.S. Today is the deadline to enter my Log Home Living Magazine subscription contest. Please post your favorite nature quote on my July 11th post.


Lonely Paul said...


Sandy said...

fun!!! I'm sure they are having LOTS of fun....

and just where ARE those turtles hiding....

Jen said...

Good to see them getting into it.
Hope no one gets into the poison ivy - but boys will be boys.
What's for lunch?