Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Chick at the cabin!

Ever since we've had our log cabin, I've been inspired to decorate for every season and every holiday. Some of you know I already put out some Valentine decorations. But here's the one that sent Greg over the edge. He said that I am "chicking" the cabin out with this Valentine's Day tree. (This is all said with good humor of course!)

But I bet he won't think these yummy cupcakes are too "chicky" for him! Huh mister? What do you think about these? Should I give them to all the chicks on our street?
(P.S. I love you!)


Anonymous said...

I'll take a cupcake and the tree off your hands (for Greg's sake lol)! I've never had a Valentine tree before - It's festive & cute (take that Greg ;)

American Way Farm said...

I like the tree idea. DH came home with a tree just like that (minus the decorations of course) at Christmas. I thought it was the ugliest Christmas tree ever and put it out on the porch when he wasn't home. Of course he could have brought it back in when he was home but never did. So there it sits. Think I'll decorate it for Valentine's day. I can only imagine his reaction! -Sandy

Jen said...

Can't say I have ever seen a Valentine's tree either!
and I don't see chocolate cupcakes for very long either. HA.

as far as making heart symbols can copy and paste it. I originally got it from Word. Under inserting symbols- and when I tried to paste it here on blogger it worked. That's all I know. anyone know something easier I'd like to know.:) ♥

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes sure look yummy! Happy Valentine's :)
What a sweet tree.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I absolutely adore your Valentine's tree. I would never have thought to do something like that but next year for sure....
Your cupcakes look great! Yummy. Happy Saint Valentine's Day :>)

Ginger said...

I like your little Valentine tree. And I am with Cam...I'll take a cupcake off your hands. lol.
Happy Valentine's Day

This Country Girl said...

I'm positive that you redeemed yourself with the cupcakes! The tree is adorable!

Happy Valentines Day!

wendy said...

The cupcakes look yummy, you can send his this way.
And I love your Valentine tree!

Dawnie said...

oh heck i leave my little tree up in our bedroom after christmas, take the christmas stuff off and put on Valentines and baldyman can handle it!

what i would give to chump into that cupcake!

Carol said...

You're right, I'm sure Greg won't make fun of your yummy cupcakes! Men sometimes just don't understand our need to 'fluff the nest' for every occasion. But we love 'em anyway. ;0)


Darla said...

Don't forget to make him watch a chick flick too!!

April said...

Yummy...CUPCAKES!!! Love your heart tree, too! Enjoy your day together in that warm, cozy cabin of yours...I'm so jealous!♥

Denise said...

mmmmm Cupcakes! Your tree is cute. Maybe it would be less girly with a deer mount on it... (HI GREG!)

Kath said...

LOL you're too funny! :)

Those Cupcakes look yummy!!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a happy weekend-Kath

Cedar ... said...

Cute idea, ... valentine tree! After all the parties at school today in the lower grades I about cupcaked'ed out! I leave that one for Greg! Nice thing about a K-12 bldg is that the little kids bring plates of goodies around in highschool. I scored about six cookies and a piece of cake,... I think i've gained 5 lbs! haha Happy Valentine's Day to you two!

City Mouse said...

We don't really do Valentines day around here ... but I have to admit, I catch myself thinking about decorating one of our spruce trees for each season once we move north to the country property. =)

grammy said...

Cute tree. Very manly response (o: Bet he will love the cupcakes. Have a fun weekend.

Sharon said...

OK Shelley, I don't know how to tell you this but my DH still has our christmas tree up in the living room. :-( Everything is off it, just need his help dismantling it. It's 15 ft.tall. He keeps saying he will do it on Feb.14th. I am thinking hearts , lots of hearts all over that tree. What do you think?!!!! Sharon PS good grief then he will wait til Easter. Eggs lots of eggs. NO no no!

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Shelley ~~ I think your Heart Day Tree is most cute...Tell Greg if you had that puppy to care for there wouldn't be as much time for Never give up !! The cupcakes look
scrumptious!! Happy Valentines Day !!!
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'll take one:) love the tree:)
Rondell down on alt and the numeral 3 at the same time...that will give you the ♥

JANE said...

LOVE that tree, you got some Valentine going on girl!!

Shellmo said...

Cam - Someone in bloggy land gave me the idea for the valentine's day tree (wish I could remember who) so I thought why not!

Sandy - yes - that tree sounds like it needs some heart ornaments! :)

Jen - what do you think about a St. Patrick's day tree? :) Thanks for the ♥ info!

Cabin Creek - I just love cupcakes! Happy Valentine's day!

Charli - glad you like my tree! Have a nice Valentine's day in your cute outfit!

Ginger- sending a dozen cupcakes your way! :)

Tammy - yes - he loves the cupcakes - I'm going to make cookies too! Sweetness overload - :)

Wendy - Cupcakes to you too!

Dawnie - ask baldyman how he feels about a St. Pats and Easter tree - ha,ha!

Carol - secretly I really think he likes it!

Darla - I like the way you think!

April - right now we are looking at the snowy lake - all beautiful! Happy Valentine's day!!

Denise - ha,ha! Maybe I can put some fish on it too for him! Hope you enjoy your weekend at the cabin!

Kath - I hope you have a great Valentine's weekend too! :)

Cedar - I should've become a teacher!

City Mouse - I just love spruce trees - and yes - why not decorate them!

Grammy - do you like how I added the manly candy sprinkles on top of the cupcake? :-)

Sharon - I am laughing thinking about a 15 foot tree decorated w/ easter eggs! Great idea!!!

Connie - I should've put photos of Bernese mountain dogs all over it! ha,ha!

Rondell - cupcakes for you too!!

Jane - so many holidays - so little time! ha,ha!!

Judy said...

You make log cabin life seem like so much fun! Greg is so fortunate to have someone like you to spice up the cabin for each holiday. Those cupcakes look so good!!! How far is it to the cabin, from here? Happy Valentine's Day to you! Thank you for your kind comment this morning.

country gal said...

Awww! I like it!!!! We had those same cookies at a valentine pary I went to last night!

Love, Joy =D

country gal said...

OOPS! I thought those were cookies!! Sorry!

Love, Joy =D

The White Bench said...

WOW Shelley! I absolutely LOVE your Valentine tree! What a lovely idea!! Never seen one before! Sooooo cute!
And your cupcake ilooks yummy! Beautiful colours!
Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

You know I love to decorate--rustic cabin and all! PB (my guy, doesn't mind a few pretties here and there. And I've always got a few deer, bear, or moose to throw in the mix!
Love your tree!
Happy Valentines Day!
Claudia O.

Connie said...

That's the first Valentine's tree I've seen and it's cute! Enjoy your day! Connie

Gail said...

Beautiful home, Shelly. I have been looking for blogs on log/rustic decorating. I have a blog of my own, except I don't have a log home, grin. Just a tin shack wantabe.
My new blog is
I hope is it ok to play with the big kids.

joated said...

... at least you haven't tried to decorate his deer mounts.

er, you haven't, have you?

Cassie said...

He he. Did he gobble up the cup cakes?? Patrick chuckled when I read that to him.

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Hope you and Greg had a fantastic Valentine's Day. That cupcake looks delicious!

Sassysmom said...

I saw your blog and just had to add you to mine. This has been my dream also, it will be fun keeping up with your blog.

We have not gotten ours yet, but perhaps one day.

Sassysmom said...

I added you to my blog. This has long been my dream too. It will be fun keeping up with your blog.

We don't have ours yet, but perhaps one day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Valentine's decorations, Shelley. I love that little tree. You are just so creative..

Hope your weekend was as nice as ours.

Anonymous said...

I can see where he might think you've crossed the "chicky" line of no return but it is pretty. It's good you had some goodies to take his mind off the chickness. :>)

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to holiday trees, i'm gonna enjoy my Valentine's one for awhile longer, but St. Patty's is coming and then Easter, getting excited!

Cupcakes look fab!!

Naturegirl said... cupcakes!
Sweet tree!

Sandy said...

Cute ...and yummy.