Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A walk around the cabin property

We still have snow up in our area in Gaylord (which is also known as a snow belt in Michigan.) We may get some more snow this Sunday and I'm hoping that's it!

Let's take a walk around the property. How do you like my boots? Marvin the cat likes them. He tries to chew the shoe laces so I've had to hide them!

Over here Greg is working hard at clearing a path to our lake. It will be nice to have a dock this year. (Minus the duck poop!)

We have some pretty Birch trees on our land...

Here is one of my favorite little pine trees - I just love their smell!

We have our Wood Duck box cleaned up and ready to go. Hopefully the Red Wing Blackbirds don't nest in it again, I really want to see a Wood duck!

The creek is starting to melt...

Here's one of my winter friends (the Common Redpoll) who is still hanging around.

And here's my new horse. He's a little tired. Ha,ha! Just kidding! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.


Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

There is quite a bit of snow left up there!! That redpoll really needs to get a move on!!

Constance said...

Are those SOREL's? That's what I got for my Winter trip and I loved them. My feet still got cold but that's probably because I was sitting behind Dave on a snowmobile all day long, 105 miles in -12 degree weather! Ya think?

I'm always amazed at the many species of birds there are! Each unique to their region and beautiful!

At first, I thought maybe the horse was belly deep in snow! You would have enjoyed visiting with our exterminator the other day. He lives in the caretakers house on his sisters ranch. She breeds draft horses (not the "usual" ones that everyone's heard of). He gets up every morning and feeds and waters them. They have 2 brood mares about to foal and he was telling me that the one just follows him around like a puppy. After he's fed her, he has to rub her belly for her! How cute!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Shelly, I enjoyed the pictures as usual. Its almost spring here. Suppose to reach 75 here today! Yeah Spring!

I love it when we get wood ducks on our pond. They are so fun to watch. Hopefully you will get some this year.

Take Care,

Dawnie said...

isnt it amazing how early you have to start clearing out things? you still have alot of snow..we are down to traces, and pretty much none in our yard right now. We were able to get the entire back yard cleaned up yesterday.

being on a lake has to be so wonderful. I love that little bird!

dont think I've seen one of those around--robins are now here in full force.

Lady of the Mote said...

sure is alot of snow left.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I really like the picture of the common redpoll. I've never seen a bird like that around here. I was wondering what steps you take to keep the red winged blackbirds out of the wood duck's box? We have an abundance of robins, do you?

Cedar ... said...

I think we are farther ahead toward spring than in Gaylord. Our snow is nearly gone except the snowbanks pushed up by plowing all winter. No robins yet, though!

wendy said...

Ha! you fooled me, I was like "What? Shelley got a horse?... Oh"

I can't believe you still have snow. We have finally gotten rid of ours. but I bet there is still snow up at our cabin.

Hot Belly Mama said...

I love the redpoll! beautiful!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So gorgeous Shelley... It still looks so cold up there. You will love having a dock this year.. Take a lawnchair out there, stretch out and get some suntan (once it gets hot)... Love the pine tree also. I always enjoy seeing the evergreen trees --especially in winter with snow on them..

Have a great day.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

It is so beautiful at your cabin. I know you are ready for spring though. How wonderful to be getting a dock! I miss growing up on a lake.

Brandi said...

Love the pictures. That redpoll is very pretty, I have never seen one of those before.

Here in Texas, we should reach about 85 degrees today! But the mesquite trees are still not budding so we could have some more cold weather. They are the best forecasters we have!


April said...

I am chilled to the bone just looking at those pictures! And to think that we'll be heading to Colorado in a few weeks!!! Brrr!

I almost fell out of my chair at the part about the horse! I was like...when did THAT happen? Your photo of the bird is stunning! How did you go about learning how to take pictures like that? Very impressive!

Michelle Dawn said...

You still have lots of snow. I love all the photo's. Have a great day.

Constance said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love those dishes as well. I featured them on a show and tell Friday almost a year ago. I have the canisters and a few other pieces as well. They are the Brushwerks series from Big Sky Carvers and come in the bear as well as the moose. My SIL has the bear dishes because she loves bears the way I love moosies!

(copy & paste)

Ginger said...

You sure have some pretty birds in Michigan. I love your new horse, lol. Greg decided to get you a horse instead of a dog, huh?
I like your boots. I would love to find some to keep my feet warm, and to keep me from slipping on the ice.

reliv4life said...

great pictures, and you deserve a horse, don't you think? what is wrong with that ole greg anyway??? besides then you would need to be at the cabin all the time to care for the horse - great excuse!!

Karen said...

Thank you for that nice walk. I loved it. It is supposed to be 85 here today. Ugh! I'd trade you places in a heartbeat!
What exactly is a wood duck?

Pam at Antique or Not said...

I was like, "New horse? She talked him into a horse?!" You got me! LOL

John Poole said...

That's quite a bit of snow you still have there! But very nice photos. I think you need to get yourself a nice horse (or two). You know you want one! :-)

Tami said...

Love the Redpoll.....and the new horse lol!

What is it about cats and shoelaces. Before JRT's we had a cat and she used to do the same thing. Very odd.

JANE said...

Oh man, I just LOVE it there!!

The White Bench said...

I so love this post! What a dreamy property you have...!
And wanted to send you a 'cyber hug'!!! Thank you, thank you a lot my dear Shelley!!!

Bobbi said...

Wonderful photos! We haven't had much snow in KY, but we did have a nasty ice storm a few weeks ago. I'm glad spring is on the way!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. I like seeing all of the critters in your area :>)

Small Pines said...

All that snow! Seems like most of ours is gone, but we did have some rains and warm temps the last week. Well, I KNOW Spring is on it's way. I can promise that. Poor ol' horse! LOL

country gal said...

Oh!!!!!! How beautiful!!!! I love your land! My grandparents are trying to grow a Spruce in their backyard (even though they have enough in front of their house),'s just not growing fast. They planted it about 2 or 3 years ago, and it still looks like a baby. What's really weird, is that the people a few miles from us have tons of them in their yard that are bigger and I don't think they planted them that early.

Love, Joy

Anonymous said...

The Redpole is too cute to scoot away. I'd want him to remain all year. I was excited there for a minute thinking...She got her horse and then you dashed my joy. :>)

Anonymous said...

Oops - I mean Redpoll..

Leedra said...

You were wanting to see if Hubby was paying attention. No dog, no horse...

Lovely, but I am so wanting spring, so I know you are.

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grammy said...

Well at least when the snow melts, it will be green. There has hardly been any snow here this year. So dry. Love the Redpoll. A Cabbage burger is chopped cabbage and onion and hamburger cooked together in a skillet. Then put in bread dough and baked. Very yummy.

Shellmo said...

Cindy - I'm surprised the redpolls are still here but I do like em!

Connie - I think they're Columbia - I'll have to doublecheck as I left them at the cabin. And I love dreaming about the horses - not practical for our land and our life- but nice to think about them!

Goat Greek - 75 degrees sound fabulous! Can you send some wood ducks here?

Dawnie - I'm hoping more snow has melted this week. I'll find out this weekend! Come on spring!!

Lady of the Mote - isn't is ridiculous?

Judy - this year I'm going to monitor the wood duck box more closely so if the blackbirds start building a nest - I'm just going to pull it out. (but not if there's already babies - I do have a soft heart!)

Cedar - we have Robins downstate but I haven't seen any north of us.

Wendy- The hubby would keel over if I got a horse - LOL!

Hotbelly - they are sweet little birds - very tame too!

Betsy - I can't wait to sit on the dock w/ a book in 1 hand and a camera in the other! :)

Penny - the hubby is making plans so we can build our own to save $. Wish us luck!

Brandi - 85? That is too hot for me! But I'll take 75....

April - you are so nice! I've been playing w/ my camera but I really need to take some formal lessons. I don't know what half the gadgets on my camera are for - LOL!

Michelle - I think the only place that has more snow than me is Alaska! Ha,ha!

Ginger - I think he'll get me the dog to stop me from talking about the horse. LOL!!!

Michele - I'd have no room for one but it's one of those dreams that I like to tease him with!

Karen- The Wood Duck is very beautiful - the male is very colorful. Google it to see a photo - you will love it!!

Pam - ha,ha! Now what if I had put a hippo on there....

John - I want just about every animal I see! Goats, chickens, horses, BIG DOGS!

Tami - and he also likes to lick plastic bags! Go figure! lol!

Jane - thank you!

Monica - you are so sweet! I hope your day was wonderful!!!

Bobbi - I am hoping to see immediate signs of spring this weekend!

Charli - I'm looking forward to more critters returning!!

Small Pines - I'm still trying to remember what the color green looks like around here - lol!

Joy - I hope your grandparents spruce tree grows big & tall!!

Jylync - I do like the redpolls - but they are little piggies at the feeder - lol!

Leedra - I'm already thinking of dog names...

Catherine Holman said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow!

MindyLew said...

I thought for a second that you really did get a horse - almost got me!! See I was paying attention!! LOL :)
Love the picture of the redpoll - awesome captured moment!! So sorry you still have snow with more on the way!! ;.

Naturegirl said...

Shelley I had to come by and see what was happening in the great white north..((((SNOW)))) still!!!
It is hard to imagine since living here in the HOT 90 degree weather of the southwest!Yesterday I would have jumped into that snow w/ my bathing was so hot!!
These photos were lovely..Birches are my fav. tree..we have one of those pines in our garden it's not as straight..mine curves to the right at top.You fooled me w/ the it yours?
sending sunshine.hugs NG

joated said...

Love your little photo essays/tours. They realy give you a feeling for your little piece of heaven on earth.

BTW If you keep hanging eggs from Greg's deer mounts he's never going to get you that puppy or horse. ;-)

jeannette stgermain said...

You got quite a bit of comments! Your birdie is a beautiful one! An I like the melting snow at the creek. thanks for visiting my blog - does it mean you like art?

Winifred said...

Those blue skies are glorious. I love that photo of the little bird, a new one to me.

Looking forward to seeing your spring photographs but will be sorry to see your lovely header change. It's very attractive.

George said...

Thanks for the tour of your property. I'm hoping we are through with snow here in Tennessee. What did you do to get your horse so tired?

A. Joy said...

Your sky is so pretty and blue! I quite like your boots! They look cozy and good for snow.
I used to raise some wood ducks and some mandarins and Snowy Call ducks ( NOISY!!! ). I love them. I also put up some wood duck houses but couldn't keep the wood ducks around for long and the wild mallards took over. We just weren't up to netting off our entire pond area at the time.

This Country Girl said...

That is alot of snow! I love all your photos and the melting creek is so pretty! I felt like I was walking beside you! I enjoyed my walk!

Have a great weekend!

Sandy said...

That redpoll photo is beautiful!!!

Jasmine said...

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