Sunday, November 16, 2008

A little snow and a bad woodpecker!

I am writing this on Saturday afternoon. The snow has begun to fall in Gaylord. This will be good for hubby. It's opening day of hunting season in Michigan and Greg is camped out in his deer blind right now. He gave me a call and has seen no deer yet, not even a bird. Meanwhile I am "looking" at my christmas decoration purchases and trying to resist the urge to put them up. The birds are running rampant and the squirrels are crawling all over my deck and driving the cat crazy!

Bad Mr. Woodpecker was trying to drill a hole in my deck post. Doesn't he see the 5 suet cakes I have put out for him?

Looks like the Black Squirrel is a little messy eater. Look at the suet crumbs in his tail!


Anonymous said...

Saturday was the opening day of deer season here in Missouri also. I didn't go, I have not gone the last two years, I guess I just had better things to do. Besides, I am the only one at our house that really likes deer meat anyway. I really like the pictures you posted, thank you. Hope you have a great day!

Denise said...

Bill saw a buck yesterday. Bill 'grunted' and the buck turned, but he was right in front of a tree, so he didn't have a shot. That was yesterday morning, he hasn't seen anything since. I told him that he should take a handfull of sunflower seeds, at leas the chickadee's could keep him company.

Carol said...

I have never seen a black squirrel! Around here we have grey squirrels. However, we lived on a lake for many years & one summer we saw two albino squirrels.

Go ahead, put out a few Christmas decorations! I give you permission! ;>)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Aw Shelley... Give that Woody a piece of your mind... Take away his grub--and give him 40 lashes!!!!! Mercy Me!!!!

bennie and patsy said...

What a dream world, wish I was a distant neighbor. It is a winter wonder land. I hope with out any trouble getting around in the snow.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

so cute....

This Country Girl said...

Why not just give in, Shelley, and just put up those Christmas decorations? I couldn't help it...mine are up...just adding little details and final touches here and there! I love the whole season and atmosphere of Christmas and Thanksgiving is just sandwiched in between there. And I don't know how you're resisting there with that snow in the snug cabin....just do it, girl! :)


Shirley said...

Nice pics. :-) The last two years a little downy woodpecker has pecked a hole right through the cedar siding of our house (all the way through). He does it over a day or two while we are at work and then we have to repair it. Frustrating, but I still like them. ;-)

Shellmo said...

Countryview - Thanks for stopping by! I don't care for the venison but hubby loves it.

Denise - Hope Bill gets to see his buck again! Greg saw 7 does later today - no bucks.

Carol - I did put up just a "few" decorations - don't tell! :-)

Betsy - I'm hoping this does not become a recurring problem!

Benny & Patsy - I'm becoming a pro at getting around in the snow! (hey - that rhymes!)

Terri - the squirrel

Tammy - thank you for lessening my guilt! :-)

Shirley - your woodpecker has his timing down!

marnie said...

I love visitng your blog as I live in a log home. :)
One summer we had a wood pecker who would wake us by pecking on the ridge vent on the roof! The only problem with that was he was a bit early!!
Hope your hubby had luck (mine is in Maine this week hunting)

Shellmo said...

marnie - welcome to a fellow log home dweller! Thank you for stopping by & commenting! Come back again! :-)

Kath said...

Hi Shelley-
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Your log cabin is gorgeous!
I visited your other blogs too...noticed ya had Enya playing! Love her...makes me wanna go put in my CD...maybe I will! :)


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog last week and it is awesome!! I spent the entire weekend going through your older post to see the progress you made on the cabin, what a thrill!! I love this whole process! My brother built a log cabin also (3 bedroom) as their full time house and the setting is just gorgeous. But your setting on the lake is by far the most beautiful. I am so enjoying all your nature and the birds...oh my...I just love them. Thanks for all the tips and I also bookmarked your birdblog!! You are one lucky girl!!

Jill from NY.

Shellmo said...

Hi Kath - thank you for your nice comments!

Hi Jill - thank you - I do feel lucky! Please stop by again! I will be having a giveaway soon!

Jen said...

Better luck next weekend to Greg.
Eventhough I am eating Christmas candy, I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree! :D