Friday, November 21, 2008

Morning routine at the log cabin

Much to my husband's dismay, I am a very early riser, especially when we are at the log cabin. This bodes well for the cat who likes to be fed right away. Cats like routine and I must admit I like my morning routine as well.

The first thing I do is step out onto our deck and look across the lake to survey my log kingdom. If I were queen, I would make everyone live in a log cabin! That and I would ask them to make me some cookies.

I might wave to the neighbors across the lake. (Okay - they don't know me and I'm sure they think I'm nuts when I stand out on my deck w/ my sheep decorated pjs!)

I'll ask the pine tree if it has any pine cones. It doesn't answer but I'll go looking for some later.

I fill up my bird feeders and remind the woodpeckers to peck the food not the log cabin!

I say hello and offer the chickadees bird seeds from my hand. They ask me where Greg is at. (They like him better.)

And I watch the black squirrel devour a suet cake in less than 5 minutes. He's getting expensive to feed.

Then I head back into the log cabin and ask my hubby what he would like to do today. Snow shoeing or hiking? He grumbles from his sound sleep - "it's not even 7:00 Shelley!"


Judy said...

As I sat here reading your posting this evening, I had to smile. I am an early riser(very early), and I often go out on my porch to see what the day is like. Today there was snow and I was so happy, although living in a log house, in the mountains, with early mornings and hot coffee, just has to be better. Your photography is amazing!!!

Denise said...

I love the first photo. Was the second done in b/w...or not? I get pics in the winter that way and wonder if someone changed the settings on the camera.

Bill is an early morning guy too. I'm usually up around 6 but laying in bed.

Leedra said...

Sleep a little longer is probably what he is thinking. Love the post. This blog is so different than your other one, I am learning more about you than on the birding blog. Still like the birding blog, but do wish I had come here sooner.

Rick and Dianne said...

Hey the post...and I so wish my mornings could be like yours! I have hopes that soon it will be so...

Sorry to have been away from the blogs this week (both yours and mine...and everyone elses's too...LOL)

Every free moment it dedicated to finishing up all the odds and ends.
I see the light at the end of the tunnel...just a glimmer...but it seems to be getting stronger each day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Shelley... Made me laugh--especially the last comment. The first thing I do is feed my birds. The Cardinals 'chip' 'til I come out with breakfast. THEN---before anything else, I have to have my COFFEE ( French Vanilla no less).

I annoint you QUEEN... Now--where's my log cabin???? I WILL make the cookies!!!!

Mona at Cabin and Camp said...

I love the idea of talking to the pine trees. It never occurred to me to ASK if it had any pine cones. I just take--insensitive clod that I am!

Carol said...

I love snow you know! Your making me so jealous that you have beautiful snow to enjoy. Great pictures!

Dawnie said...

your pictures are so beautiful. I must need to do more research on my camera, its a new one and half way decent so i know I should be getting nicer pictures.

I've never seen a black squirrel. Your right--they are VERY expensive to feed.

Anonymous said...

I need that in writing regarding all of your subjects needing to live in a log cabin and bake cookies. My husband is a tough sell.

I love that squirrel - he looks very elegant. I just have plain brown ones but they are hysterical to watch at the feeder. I have to admit I never thought about the hazards of having a woodpecker around a LOG cabin.

Our birds and squirrels sit and stare at our patio door and kitchen window when they feel the food source has reached a critical level. They're very bossy and don't get me started on the morning doves. They are not very bright.

reliv4life said...

Poor Greg - give the guy a break!! We did have a woodpecker for a few days this summer - HE was an early riser, little stinker, would wake up all up with his Knock Knock Knock!!

Jessica said...

I am an early riser too. I'd be the same way at the log cabin. I wouldn't want to waste one minute while there. And I see that you throughly enjoy every minute of it. Have a great weekend!!

Cedar ... said...

Aren't those black squirrels beautiful! We have a few here in my area too. As an early riser myself I enjoy my morning routines. Part of that routine, after saying "good morning" to the day, is to begin visiting my blog friends, and have them visit me. Coffee's on, come on over!

Mom2-2goodboys said...

We are all early riser's here. I had to buy my boys digital clocks a few years back and tell them they were not to get out of bed till the clock read 6-0-0. When they were younger it was nothng for them to get up before 5 am.

Nowadays, sleeping in till 7am is a rare treat for hubby and myself.
only thing missing.... wish I had a deck with a view outside my house to wake up to.

Shellmo said...

Judy - thank you so much! No mountains by me but a beautiful small lake and plenty of trees!

Hi Denise - the 2nd photo was dark - not meant to be b/w. But I do like to take b/w photos.

Leedra - I'm surprised you're not tired of my humor yet my faithful friend! :-0

Dianne - I know you must be getting close to move in! Can't wait to hear the updates!

Betsy - I like how the birds demand their food!

Mona - LOL!

Carol - I wish I could send you a little snowman!

Dawnie - those black squirrel are ravenous! But still cute!

JyLync - they are in charge! :-)

Michele - I'll let him sleep 15 more minutes - LOL!

Jess - you've hit the nail on the head!

Cedar - a great morning for all!

Mom2 - I noticed my 9 yr old stepson can't get up for school at 7 during the week but is up at 6:30 on the weekends!

Catherine Holman said...

The photos are beautiful. How much fun to get up and go snow shoeing! I love the silence that surrounds you after a snow.

Judy said...

I wish I could be there with you. It sounds wonderful and peaceful. Can we go snowshoeing today? I'll make breakfast OK!!

bennie and patsy said...

Love your routine.

George said...

What a great morning routine in a gorgeous setting. Now wonder you feel like a queen -- you are!

Anonymous said...

You make me want to live in a log cabin. What a lovely post.

Karen said...

Came over from the Mountain Musings blog. Looks like you live in a very lovely place. I had never seen a black squirrel before--thought it was a hole in the tree at first. :) We have white squirrels around here.

Tri-State Media Watch said...

I am not an early person, so I can relate more to your husband! LOL...anyway, the blog I promised I would write is now up :)

This Country Girl said...


I would LOVE to come to your log cabin and help decorate for Christmas! I'd be the lucky one...gosh Christmas and log cabin in one sentence gets me excited! :) I'd bring the cookies...and hot chocolate too!

I loved reading about your sounds so wonderful...with that beautiful view and all the nature around you!

If I can find an email address for you, I'm going to send you a link to a photobucket that I think you would enjoy....another friend with a cabin in the snowy woods!


Heather said...

Shelly, I found your birding blog from the Nature Blog Network, then of course I found this blog from your profile... and I love it. My husband and I have vacationed a week each year in Michigan for as long as we have been together (almost 8 yrs). Most years the time is spent at his family's cottage on Walloon Lake (by Petoskey), but we have also done some camping up in da UP. I think it so beautiful up there, but I don't think I could live there due to the super short days in winter (this girl gets the winter blahs). Anyway, thanks for sharing a window into your world. Oh, and I didn't know squirrels ate suet. The squirrels around here (greys) only eat our seed (and the corn we put out for them).